Redis 客户端 Redisson 2.1.3 发布

jopen 8年前

Redisson 是基于Redis服务之上构建的分布式、可伸缩的Java数据结构,高级的Redis客户端。【redis官方推荐

Redisson 是使用熟悉的Java数据结构来发挥Redis的威力,基于lettuce Redis客户端和Netty 4 ,兼容 Redis 2.6+ and JDK 1.6+,使用Apache License 2.0授权协议,阅读 wiki 来获取更多使用信息

Redisson 2.1.3 发布了,该版本改进内容包括: 

  • Feature - Ability to define Codec for each object

  • Feature - refreshConnectionAfterFails setting added

  • Feature - AWS Elasticache support via Config.useElasticacheServers method (thanks to Steve Ungerer)

  • Feature - RScoredSortedSet and RLexSortedSet added. Both uses native Redis Sorted Set commands. RLexSortedSets stores only String objects and work with ZLEX-commands

  • Fixed - missed AUTH during channel reconnection

  • Fixed - resubscribe to subscribed topics during channel reconnection