Raspbian 2013-09-25 发布,向Raspberry Pi硬件而做了优化

jopen 9年前

Raspbian是基于Debian GNU/Linux的免费操作系统,它面向Raspberry Pi硬件(armhf处理器架构)而做了优化。Raspbian带有35000多个软件包或预编译软件,它们按优美的格式打包从而便于在Raspberry Pi上安装。该发行的首个创建完成于2012年六月,但它获得了持续活跃的开发,并且重点在于提高尽可能多的Debian软件包的稳定性及性能。虽然Debian为arm架构提供一份发行,但是它只兼容Raspberry Pi上之后的版本(即ARMv7-A中央处理器及更高版本,相比于Raspberry Pi的ARMv6中央处理器)。
Raspbian 2013-09-25 发布
Eben Christopher Upton has announced the release of Raspbian 2013-09-25, a Debian-based distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board mini-computer. It can be downloaded either as a standalone product or as part of NOOBS 1.3, a beginner-friendly compilation of several popular operating systems for the "Pi". From the release announcement: " Alex has produced a new Raspbian release, which integrates a number of recent improvements. Along with kernel and firmware updates, highlights include: Sonic Pi is pre-installed so you can jump right in to learning to program while creating your own music; significant performance improvements to Scratch; a build of PyPy 2.1 is now included to allow you to try out this high performance Python JIT compiler; Python libraries required for interfacing with Pi-Face are pre-installed. Due to the addition of Java, the standalone SD card image now requires at least a 4 GB SD card, as with 2 GB there’s not enough free space left to be useful."
Download NOOBS 1.3 and Raspbian 2013-09-25 from here: NOOBS_v1_3.zip (1,146MB), 2013-09-25-wheezy-raspbian.zip (577MB).
Raspbian 2013-09-25 发布