Node.js/io.js 3.1.0 发布,支持 PPC

jopen 8年前

Node.js 3.1.0 发布,Node.js 和 io.js 合并进程详情请看这里

io.js 3.1.0 改进详情请看这里:

io.js 3.0 值得关注的改进:

  • buffer:

    • Due to changes in V8, it has been necessary to reimplement Buffer on top of V8's Uint8Array. Every effort has been made to minimize the performance impact, however Buffer instantiation is measurably slower. Access operations may be faster in some circumstances but the exact performance profile and difference over previous versions will depend on how Buffer is used within applications. (Trevor Norris) #1825.

    • Buffer can now take ArrayBuffers as a constructor argument (Trevor Norris) #2002.

    • When a single buffer is passed to Buffer.concat(), a new, copied Buffer object will be returned; previous behavior was to return the original Buffer object (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #1937.

  • build: PPC support has been added to core to allow compiling on pLinux BE and LE (AIX support coming soon) (Michael Dawson) #2124.

  • dgram: If an error occurs within socket.send() and a callback has been provided, the error is only passed as the first argument to the callback and not emitted on the socket object; previous behavior was to do both (Matteo Collina & Chris Dickinson) #1796

  • freelist: Deprecate the undocumented freelist core module (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #2176.

  • http:

    • Status codes now all use the official IANA names as per RFC7231, e.g. http.STATUS_CODES[414] now returns 'URI Too Long' rather than 'Request-URI Too Large' (jomo) #1470.

    • Calling .getName() on an HTTP agent no longer returns a trailing colon, HTTPS agents will no longer return an extra colon near the middle of the string (Brendan Ashworth) #1617.

  • node:

    • NODE_MODULE_VERSION has been bumped to 45 to reflect the break in ABI (Rod Vagg) #2096.

    • Introduce a new process.release object that contains a name property set to 'io.js' and sourceUrl, headersUrl and libUrl (Windows only) properties containing URLs for the relevant resources; this is intended to be used by node-gyp (Rod Vagg) #2154.

    • The version of node-gyp bundled with io.js now downloads and uses a tarball of header files from rather than the full source for compiling native add-ons; it is hoped this is a temporary floating patch and the change will be upstreamed to node-gyp soon (Rod Vagg) #2066.

  • repl: Persistent history is now enabled by default. The history file is located at ~/.node_repl_history, which can be overridden by the new environment variable NODE_REPL_HISTORY. This deprecates the previous NODE_REPL_HISTORY_FILE variable. Additionally, the format of the file has been changed to plain text to better handle file corruption. (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #2224.

  • smalloc: The smalloc module has been removed as it is no longer possible to provide the API due to changes in V8 (Ben Noordhuis) #2022.

  • tls: Add server.getTicketKeys() and server.setTicketKeys() methods for TLS session key rotation (Fedor Indutny) #2227.

  • v8: Upgraded to

    • ES6: Enabled computed property names

    • ES6: Array can now be subclassed in strict mode

    • ES6: Implement rest parameters in staging, use the --harmony-rest-parameters command line flag

    • ES6: Implement the spread operator in staging, use the --harmony-spreadcalls command line flag

    • Removed SetIndexedPropertiesToExternalArrayData and related APIs, forcing a shift to Buffer to be reimplemented based on Uint8Array

    • Introduction of Maybe and MaybeLocal C++ API for objects which may or may not have a value.

    • Added support for PPC