Tanglu 2.0 Beta 2 发布

jopen 8年前

Tanglu是基于Debian的Linux发行,它旨在向普通用户和发烧友提供最佳的桌面体验。与Debian GNU/Linux相比,Tanglu计划提供大量用户友好的、面向桌面的特性,比如可用的新软件、对额外固件的缺省包含,以及基于时间的、规律化的发布 周期。 Tanglu 2.0 Beta 2 发布

We are excited to announce the release of the second Beta of Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) today!

The new release brings tons of improvements, most notably GNOME 3.14 with fixed GDM autologin and a fully usable Debian-Installer (d-i).

This means Tanglu can now be installed using the Debian-Installer as well, which supports a lot more features compared to our existing live-installer (which is still available to install Tanglu 2).

Tanglu 2.0 Beta 2 发布

We also include the latest bugfix release of KDE 4.11 and updated the KDE applications, which now match the packages currently in Debian unstable/testing.

SDDM remains the default session manager for KDE

For the base system, systemd was upgraded, along with a couple of other components. We now ship with a more recent version of nfs-utils, which still requires some further testing from people using NFS.

Known issues

  • Autologin is broken on the KDE flavor live-cd, so if you are asked for a password, just enter "live" to log in.
  • When installing using the d-i method, Plymouth does not work and no graphical bootsplash is shown after installation.

If you want to help fixing these issues, feel free to contact us via the tanglu-devel mailinglist or via #tanglu-devel on Freenode.

Reporting bugs

As always, bugs can be reported using our online bugtracker.


Some more screenshots of the upcoming release:

Tanglu 2.0 Beta 2 发布

Tanglu 2.0 Beta 2 发布


You can get the release from the following mirrors:

Mirror #1

Mirror #2

We are also generating daily snapshot images of the development version of Tanglu. You can find them in our Downloads section.