Android Studio 2.0 Beta2 发布

jopen 6年前

Android Studio 2.0 Beta2 发布,修复内容如下:

  • Performance regression: Many users reported that the initial build in 2.0 was much slower than in 1.5. Turns out this was related to the way we packaged all dependencies into a single dex file (since those are unlikely to change for Instant Run purposes). However, this actually made dex much slower in some scenarios due to the way dex merging works internally.

  • Dagger2 and other annotation-processor based libraries and plugins: In 2.x we've been using the new "incremental Java compilation" feature in Gradle, but this feature does not work well with annotation processor. In beta2, we automatically turn off incremental compilation if a project appears to be using annotation processors through the "android-apt" plugin. Manually wired processors will still fail (see

  • We also fixed a couple of other Instant Run bugs; see in particular the below notice about uninstalling your app once.

  • Finally, there were a couple of bugs in the SDK manager which prevented the IDE from starting if you had add-ons installed with multiple system images.