Web应用压力测试工具,JMeter 2.8 发布

jopen 11年前

Apache JMeter 是100%的Java桌面应用程序。用于对软件做压力测试(例如Web应用)。 它可以用于测试静态和动态资源例如静态文件、Java 小服务程序、CGI 脚本、Java 对象、数据库, FTP 服务器, 等等。JMeter 可以用于对服务器、网络或对象模拟巨大的负载,来在不同压力类别下测试它们的强度和分析整体性能。

Apache JMeter 2.8 要求 Java 1.5。详细记录:http://jmeter.apache.org/changes.html


Thread Group: 新的选项允许延迟创建线程直到有需要时。

New Option "Delay thread creation until needed" that will create and start threads when needed instead of creating them on Test startup

HTTP Cookie Manager (IPv6 support)

Add HTTPClient 4 cookie implementation in JMeter.
Cookie Manager has now the default HC3.1 implementation and a new choice HC4 implementation (compliant with IPv6 address)


Significant improvements have been done in this version on memory usage of JMeterThread

JSR223 Elements (enable using Groovy, scala... as scripting languages) have been improved to enable:

  • usage of Compilable interface when available to boost CPU usage
  • caching of Compilation when scripts are used as Files
See JMeter Performances across versions

OS Process Sampler

Allow defining files for stdout/stderr/stdin.

HTTP Request: PATCH verb

Add PATCH verb to HTTP sampler

HTTP Request: HTTPClient 4 现在是默认实现

HTTPClient 4 is now the default HTTP Request implementation (and for Proxy element when generating HTTP requests).
Previously the default was the HTTP Java implementation (i.e. the implementation provided by the JVM)

HTTP Request

Add Embedded URL Filter to HTTP Request Defaults Control (it was already present for HTTP Requests)


  • CSV Dataset : Embedded new lines are now supported in quoted data
  • JMX files now contain the version of JMeter that created the file
  • JMeter Version is now available as property "jmeter.version"



Add a new visualizer Response Time Graph to draw a line graph showing the evolution of response time for a test

Settings for Response Time Graph


Add latency to View Result in Table listener

Aggregate Graph

Small improvements: legend at left or right is now on 1 column (instead of 1 large line), ...


HTTP Proxy Server simplifications

HTTPS Spoofing options have been removed from Proxy as HTTPS recording is directly available since JMeter 2.4.

HTTP Proxy Server

Allow URL Filters to be pasted from clipboard

Find in JMeter

CTRL + F for the new Find feature

ESC key now closes popups.

User Interface in GNOME 3

Display 'Apache JMeter' title in app title bar in Gnome 3