Tiny Core Linux 6.0 "piCore" 发布

jopen 9年前

Tiny Core Linux是一份12兆字节的图形化Linux桌面。它基于Linux 2.6内核、BusyBox、Tiny X、Fltk、Flwm。其核心完全运行于内存中并且启动非常快。用户对需要支持哪些应用程序和/或额外硬件拥有完全的控制,无论系统是面向台式机、上网 机、应用服务器;这可以从该项目的在线软件仓库中进行选择。

Béla Markus has announced the release of version 6.0 of Tiny Core Linux "piCore" edition, a minimalist distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer: "Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the immediate availability of piCore 6.0. The most important change is the use of the official long-term 3.12.y (3.12.36) Linux kernel to offer more stable operation over experimental kernels and to get wider range of hardware supported, specially audio devices. The FLTK library has been updated to 1.3.3 to enable Unicode. FLTK 1.1 and 1.3 can be installed at the same time, and old applications using 1.1 will continue to work. The size of SD card images has been reduced. It boots in safe overclocking mode to shorten boot time by 20% with performance governor; switch to 'ondemand' when startup completes. Other changes: Core base synchronised with the common 6.0 base; Raspberry Pi firmware updated to January 19, 2015 version; e2fsprogs updated to 1.42.12...." Here is the full release announcement. Download: piCore-6.0-X.zip (24.7MB).