Review Board 2.0.20 发布,代码审查工具

jopen 7年前

代码审查(Code Review)不但可以提高质量,而且还是一个知识共享和指导的极好的手段。不幸的是,准备工作的辛苦和工具支持的缺乏让代码审查很容易被延至“稍后再议”。Review Board的目标便是改变这一现状,它所提供的应用程序可以支持代码审查流程。

Review Board 2.0.20 发布,代码审查工具

Review Board 2.0.20 发布,此版本修复了一些 bug:

  • Subversion 1.9 diffs containing newly-added files are now supported.

  • E-mail headers that contain Unicode data (such as full names with accents) once again send correctly.

  • Image file attachments with comments no longer break review requests.

  • Plain text files in the diff viewer no render incorrectly with red boxes around words.

  • Text-based file attachment thumbnails no longer sometimes show up as garbage.