Slackel KDE-4.10.4 "Live" 发布

jopen 10年前

Slackel是基于Slackware Linux和Salix OS的自启动运行光盘Linux发行,并与两种基础发行完全兼容。它采用Slackware的当前版本和KDE桌面的最新版本。Slackel光盘镜像以两种形式提供:安装型和自启动运行型。
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Dimitris Tzemos has announced the release of Slackel KDE-4.10.4 "Live" edition, a Slackware-based live DVD featuring the latest KDE desktop:
" Slackel KDE-4.10.4 Live has been released. A collection of two KDE live ISO images that can be burned to a DVD or used with a USB drive are immediately available. The Slackel live DVD images include the Linux kernel. Slackel KDE-4.10.4 Live includes the 'Current' tree of Slackware and KDE 4.10.4 accompanied by a very rich collection of KDE-centric software. Firefox 21.0, KMail, KTorrent, Akregator, Kopete... In the multimedia section VLC 2.0.6, Clementine 1.1.1, K3b 2.0.2 are included. The Salix codecs installer application can be used to quickly and easily install patent-encumbered codecs to your system. Calligra Words, Calligra Stage, Calligra Tables are the main office applications present."
Here is the full release announcement. Download: slackellive-kde-4.10.4-64.iso (673MB, MD5).
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