Salix OS 14.0.1 "Ratpoison" 发布,基于Slackware的Linux发行

jopen 7年前

Salix OS是基于Slackware的Linux发行,它简单、快捷、易于使用,并且与Slackware Linux兼容。Salix OS为桌面应用而优化,其特性包括每项任务只装备一种应用程序、用户软件仓库、支持依赖关系的高级软件包管理、本地化的系统管理工具及富有新意的美工。
Salix OS 14.0.1
George Vlahavas has announced the release of Salix OS 14.0.1 "Ratpoison" edition, a lightweight Slackware-based distribution with a rather unusual and geeky window manager that bears the name of this Salix flavour: " Salix Ratpoison 14.0.1 is ready. This is a very special release for us, as Ratpoison makes for an experience that is completely different. The aim of the Ratpoison edition is to create a system that is fully usable with the keyboard only, no mouse required. Ratpoison is a window manager for X 'with no fat library dependencies, no fancy graphics, no window decorations, and no rodent dependence'. Ratpoison uses a workflow that is similar to that of GNU screen, which is very popular in the terminal world. All interaction with the window manager is done through keystrokes. The application selection for the Ratpoison edition is rather special. The main reasoning behind selecting any of the default applications included in this release is their ability to be used completely with the keyboard." Read the rest of the release announcement for more information. Download (MD5): salix64-ratpoison-14.0.1.iso (476MB, torrent). <IMG title="Salix OS" border=1 hspace=6 alt="Salix OS 14.0.1 " vspace=6 src="" width=480 height=384 发布?="" ratpoison?="">