Java NoSQL数据库 OrientDB 1.0 RC5 发布

fmms 13年前
     OrientDB是兼具文挡数据库的灵活性和图形数据库管理链接能力的可深层次扩展的文档-图形数据库管理系统。可选无模式、全模式或混合模式下。支持许多高级特性,诸如ACID事务、快速索引,原生和SQL查询功能。可以JSON格式导入、导出文档。若不执行昂贵的JOIN操作的话,如同关系数据库可在几毫秒内可检索数以百记的链接文档图。    <br /> 其它NoSQL数据库可以查看:    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>    <br />    <img title="Java NoSQL数据库 OrientDB 1.0 RC5 发布" border="0" alt="Java NoSQL数据库 OrientDB 1.0 RC5 发布" src="" width="600" height="399" />    <br />    <p><strong>Changes:</strong></p>    <p>1. The new SQL [] operator was added to extract items from lists, sets, maps, and arrays. <br /> 2. ORDER BY works with projection alias. <br /> 3. Cross trees and graphs in projections. <br /> 4. The IN operator<span class="truncate_more"> uses Index when available. <br /> 5. All known bugs on transaction recovery were fixed. <br /> 6. The memory management of MVRB-Tree was rewritten to be faster and to use much less RAM. <br /> 7. The common and core modules are compatible with Java 5<br /> <br /> </span></p>    <p>该项目主页:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958186092795010299"></a> </p>