Redis Desktop Manager 0.8.1 发布

jopen 6年前

Redis Desktop Manager(RedisDesktopManager,RDM)是一个快速、简单、支持跨平台的 Redis 桌面管理工具,基于 Qt 5 开发,支持通过 SSH Tunnel 连接。

Redis Desktop Manager 0.8.1 发布

Redis Desktop Manager 0.8.1 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复:

  • Fix issue #3504: RDM runs with 100% CPU core utilization

  • Fix issue #3503: Going from page 1 to page 2 in list blocks UI

  • Fix issue #3502: JSON encoded string containing \x0A is treated as binary

  • Fix issue #3505: JSON objects in lists are truncated in list view

  • Fix typo in welcome screen (thanks to @madebyherzblut)

  • Fix item delegate in value table

  • Do not fallback to hex for plain values