Guice 4.0 - Beta 发布,基于Java5的依赖注入框架(IOC)

jopen 9年前





  • Javadoc API (Pending release)
  • API Changes from 3.0 to 4.0, by JDiff (Pending release)


  • List of changes pending release.

Migrating from Guice 2.0

See the JDiff change report for complete details.

JSR 330

Guice 4.0 requires JSR 330 on your classpath. This is the javax.inject.jar included in the guice download.

Many things inside changed and/or moved. This is especially true for repackaged Guava (formerly Google Collections), cglib, and asm classes. All these classes are now hidden from IDE auto-import suggestions and are in new locations. You will have to update your code if you relied on any of these classes.