Semantic UI 2.0.6 发布,前端界面开发框架

jopen 9年前

Semantic UI—完全语义化的前端界面开发框架,跟 Bootstrap 和 Foundation 比起来,还是有些不同的,在功能特性上、布局设计上、用户体验上均存在很多差异。

Semantic UI 特点:

  • 文档和演示非常完善

  • 易于学习和使用

  • 配备网格布局

  • 支持 Sass 和 LESS 动态样式语言

  • 有一些非常实用的附加配置,例如inverted类。

  • 对于社区贡献来说是比较开放的。

  • 有一个非常好的按钮实现,情态动词,和进度条。

  • 在许多功能上使用图标字体。

Semantic UI 对浏览器的支持:

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE (aka 10+)

  • Safari 6

  • IE 9+ (Browser prefix only)

  • Android 4

  • Blackberry 10

Semantic UI 2.0.6 发布,前端界面开发框架

Semantic UI 2.0.6 发布,主要更新内容如下:

Important Notes

  • Form Validation - In 2.0.4 length rules were corrected to match "exact length" and not "minimum length". This may have caused issues for those who were using this rule as min length previously. We've remedied any breaking changes introduced by by returning length to functioning as "minimum length" and added a new rule exactLenght for matching exact length. #2681

Reported Bugs

  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where disabled dropdown would still receive focus #2699

  • Dropdown - Fixed restore value sometimes now working correctly due to "animating out" label still being mistaken for selected. #2690

  • Dropdown - Added set exactly to remedy confusion of set selected not removing current selections with multiple #2689

  • List- Fixed issue where using an image variation like ui image label as a direct child of an item would remove right padding #2691

Additional Fixes

  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using text labels, useLabels: false, would cause selection count to appear incorrect.

  • Dropdown - Text labels, useLabels: false, now works correctly with maxSelections, and receives special UX considerations