jopen 10年前
     <p>该项目是一个使 PHP 开发的网站支持 OpenID 认证的框架 ,它包含了 OpenID Consumer、存储实现以及 OpenID Server 的实现,最新版本 2.x 的主要特性包括:</p>    <ul>     <li>Runs on a wide range of PHP versions: from 4.3.0 and up (tested on 5.2.4)</li>     <li>Licensed under the <span class="reference">Apache Software License</span>.</li>     <li>Includes extensive documentation, working example code, and a test suite</li>     <li>Attempts to use PHP extensions such as Curl, but does not depend on them</li>     <li>Includes extension modules for <span class="reference">Attribute Exchange</span>, <span class="reference">Simple Registration</span>, and <span class="reference">PAPE</span></li>     <li>Supports i-names</li>     <li>Tested on Windows and Linux</li>     <li>Versions 2.x.x support both major OpenID protocol versions transparently</li>    </ul>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>