Ruby的OpenID实现:Ruby OpenID

jopen 8年前
     <p></p>    <a title="Janrain" href="/misc/goto?guid=4959499913491060814"><img id="logo" alt="Ruby的OpenID实现:Ruby OpenID" src="" width="150" height="44" /></a>    <p>Ruby OpenID 可以让你的 Ruby开发的 web 应用程序中启用 OpenID 支持</p>    <p>主要特性:</p>    <blockquote>     <ul class="simple">      <li>API for verifying OpenID identities (<tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">OpenID::Consumer</span></tt>)</li>      <li>API for serving OpenID identities (<tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">OpenID::Server</span></tt>)</li>      <li>Consumer and server support for extensions, including simple registration</li>      <li>Yadis 1.0 and OpenID 1.0 service discovery, including server fallback</li>      <li>Does not depend on underlying web framework</li>      <li>Multiple storage implementations (Filesystem, SQL)</li>      <li>Comprehensive test suite</li>      <li>Example code to help you get started, including:       <ul>        <li>WEBrick based consumer</li>        <li>Ruby on rails based server</li>        <li>OpenIDLoginGenerator for quickly creating a rails app that uses OpenID for authentication</li>        <li>ActiveRecord adapter for using an SQL store in rails</li>       </ul> </li>     </ul>    </blockquote>    <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959499913576462856" target="_blank">在线演示</a>    <br />    <br />    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>