intellij中导入eclipse的web项目 文档


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  Intellij IDEA 教程 文档

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  intellij idea集成手册 文档

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gradle_recipes_for_android 文档

This is the book we needed. We were about halfway through writing Head First Android Development when Google switched IDEs. At the time, pretty much every‐one was using Eclipse with the Android Development Toolkit installed. But now,Google was pushing for developers to switch to the Idea-based Android Studio.

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  idea vs. eclipse 快捷键对比 文档


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intellij.idea.essentials.2014 文档

The first version of IntelliJ IDEA was released in January 2001. It is a mature, integrated development environment (IDE), designed to help you in the coding process, and supports a large number of different frameworks, tools, and targets. It works with multiple programming languages. It now includes full support for Java 8 and Java EE 7.

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Android Studio Development 精髓 文档

before any work can begin on the development of an Android application, the first step is to configure a computer system to act as the development platform. This involves a number of steps consisting of installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which also includes the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This chapter will cover the steps necessary to install the requisite components for Android application development on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based systems. B

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Android Studio 游戏开发理念与设计 文档

Android Studio 游戏开发理念与设计。Welcome to Android Studio Game Development. This book focuses on specific tasks in the process of game development as performed in Android Studio. In this chapter, you are going to install Android Studio and the required Java Development Kit (JDK). By the end of this chapter, you will have a functional Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to develop amazing Android-based games. Let’s begin!

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Android Studio 使用指南(v0.2) 文档


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  Android Studio入门指南 文档

简介Android Studio是一个基于IntelliJIDEA的新的Android开发环境。与EclipseADT插件相似,Android Studio提供了集成的Android开发工具用于开发和调试。除了你期望的IntelliJ的能力,Android Studio还提供:······基于Gradle构建的支持。Android专属的重构和快速修复。捕获性能、易用性、版本兼容性等问题。支持ProGuard和应用签名。基于模板的向导来创建常见的Android设计和组件。丰富的布局编辑器,允许你拖放UI组件并在多个屏幕上的预览布局,等等。 入门指南>

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Android Studio 使用手册 文档


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深入理解Android之Gradle 文档

Gradle是当前非常 “劲爆” 得构建工具。 本篇文章就是专为讲解Gradle而来。 介绍 Gradle 之前,先说点题外话。

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Intellij IDEA13 基础教程 文档


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IntellijIDEA 基础教程 文档


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Android Studio 使用指南 文档

Android Studio是一个基于IntelliJIDEA的新的Android开发环境。与Eclipse ADT插件相似,Android Studio提供了集成的Android开发工具用于开发和调试。除了你期望的IntelliJ的能力,Android Studio还提供:·基于Gradle构建的支持。·Android专属的重构和快速修复。·捕获性能、易用性、版本兼容性等问题。·支持ProGuard和应用签名。·基于模板的向导来创建常见的Android设计和组件。·丰富的布局编辑器,允许你拖放UI组件并在多个屏幕上的预览布局,等等。

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Android Studio 使用指南v0.1 文档

AndroidS Studio是一个基于IntelliJIDEA的新的Android开发环境。与EclipseADT插件相似,AndroidStudio提供了集成的Android开发工具用于开发和调试。除了你期望的IntelliJ的能力,AndroidStudio还提供:·基于Gradle构建的支持。·Android专属的重构和快速修复。·捕获性能、易用性、版本兼容性等问题。 支持ProGuard和应用签名。·基于模板的向导来创建常见的Android设计和组件。·丰富的布局编辑器,允许你拖放UI组件并在多个屏幕上的预览布局,等等。

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IntelliJ IDEA实战(IntelliJ IDEA in Action) 文档

If you are already a user of IntelliJ IDEA then you have discovered that it provides a powerful environment for managing your Java projects and source files as well as building and testing your applications. This in-depth guide to the innovative IDE will show you how to unlock the power of the many integrated tools and features of IntelliJ IDEA. Important product features, including the debugger, source code control, and the many code generation tools, are carefully explained and accompanied by tips and tricks that will leave even experienced IDEA users with "Eureka!" moments of informed programming. Coders just graduating from NOTEPAD and Java IDE veterans alike will profit from the powerful and timesaving expertise provided in this essential programmer's resource.

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  intellij idea使用总结 文档

查询快捷键CTRL+N   查找类CTRL+SHIFT+N  查找文件CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N 查找类中的方法或变量CIRL+B   找变量的来源CTRL+ALT+B  找所有的子类CTRL+SHIFT+B  找变量的类CTRL+G   定位行CTRL+F   在当前窗口查找文本CTRL+SHIFT+F  在指定窗口查找文本CTRL+R   在当前窗口替换文本CTRL+SHIFT+R  在指定窗口替换文本ALT+SHIFT+C  查找修改的文件CTRL+E 

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