expert one on one oracle 文档

The inspiration for the material contained in this book comes from my experiences developing Oracle software and working with fellow Oracle developers, helping them build reliable and robust applications based on the Oracle database. The book is basically a reflection of what I do everyday and of the issues I see people encountering each and every day.

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  hbase架构解析与性能调优 文档

Hbase是Apache Hadoop的数据库,能够对大型数据提供随机、实时的读写访问。HBase的目标是存储并处理大型的数据。HBase是一个开源的,分布式的,多版本的,面向列的存储模型。它存储的是松散型数据。

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hbase编程实践 文档

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贵州省政府数据 数据分类分级指南(试行) 文档


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2016数据结构冲刺讲义11 文档

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ids_adr_bookmap---command 文档

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attend, infer, repeat fast scene understanding with generative models 文档

We present a framework for efficient inference in structured image models that explicitly reason about objects. We achieve this by performing probabilistic inference using a recurrent neural network that attends to scene elements and processes them one at a time. Crucially, the model itself learns to choose the appropriate number of inference steps. We use this scheme to learn to perform inference in partially specified 2D models (variable-sized variational auto-encoders) and fully specified 3D models (probabilistic renderers). We show that such models learn to identify multiple objects – counting, locating and classifying the elements of a scene –without any supervision, e.g., decomposing 3D images with various numbers of objects in a single forward pass of a neural network at unprecedented speed. We further show that the networks produce accurate inferences when compared to supervised counterparts, and that their structure leads to improved generalization.

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  informix命令集 文档

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mysql高可靠集群方案介绍 文档

More and more organizations are relying on online and electronic means to grow their business, improve efficiencies, and cut costs. This increased reliance on Internet and networked technologies to meet business goals is forcing organizations to deliver ‘always on’ availability to maximize revenues and satisfy customer expectations. Downtime for such applications can mean an immediate loss in revenues. For example,

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  mysql_proxy_实现mysql读写分离 文档


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  redis运维手册v1.2 文档

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  mysql新手指南 文档

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database design for mere mortals 3rd 文档

To say that the technology field, and database management in particular, has changed significantly in the nine years since the second edition of this book was published would be an understatement, to be sure. Small, handheld devices containing storage capacity and processing power that once would have required several room-sized mainframe computers are now so ubiquitous that many people take them for granted, especially the more recent generations. (My young nephew would likely never understand the excitement I experienced when I purchased my first 40MB storage expansion card for my IBM PC. But that’s another story.) Database management systems can now handle terabytes of data, and there’s recently been a considerable amount of emphasis on storing, managing, and accessing data “in the cloud.”

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