PrettyFaces是一个开源基于过滤器(Filter)的Servlets扩展 ,对JavaServer Faces – JSF 1.1, 1.2和2.0提供了增强支持。能够用于创建便于书签收藏、搜索引擎友好的网址。PrettyFaces优雅地解决了“RESTful URL” 问题,包括这样一些特性如:

  1. URL Rewriting — Replace ugly URLs: “/faces/page.jsf” with pretty, SEO-friendly, human URLS: “/optimized/page/”; The client browser never sees your original URLs, even in the source-HTML
  2. Dynamic view IDs — Now with dynamic view ID mapping for URLs (through El method expressions,) you can show different views based on run-time conditions, effectively de-coupling the URL from the JSF view.
  3. Page-load actions — Call one or more action-methods, at one or more phases, before rendering a view.
  4. Managed parameter parsing — HTTP parameters parsed from URLs are stored in managed beans, simply get a reference to your parameter bean for easy access from other Java classes.
  5. Navigation by ID — Define your page IDs in one place, reference them easily in action-methods and components, using standard JSF navigation techniques.
  6. Integrated validation — For URL and query-parameters, able to re-use existing JSF validator objects.
  7. Easy to configure — Requires absolutely minimal configuration; may be enabled using XML or annotations.
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