Manjaro Linux 15.12 "i3", "bspwm" 发布

jopen 7年前

Manjaro Linux是面向桌面的、用户友好的、基于Arch Linux的发行。它的一些显著特性包括:一份直观的安装程序、自动硬件检测、用于管理图形卡的特别Bash脚本、一组额外的桌面配置选项。 Manjaro Linux带有三份样式,分别采用Xfce、GNOME 3(使用Cinnamon Shell)、KDE桌面。

Manjaro Linux 15.12 "i3", "bspwm" 发布,其中 Manjaro i3 15.12 更新如下:

Manjaro Linux 15.12 "i3", "bspwm" 发布


  • i3-wm 4.11 of the next-branch including i3-gaps

  • Dmenu-manjaro 4.6 recency- and terminal-aware and mouse-interactive with separate config-file for appearance and terminal preferences

  • i3status-manjaro 2.9

  • icon-themes AwOken-light and Maia and custom gtk-themes i3-dust and i3-dark

  • optimized Urxvt

  • Pcmanfm, Ranger

  • Xarchiver

  • Palemoon

  • Hexchat

  • Pinta

  • Gpicview

  • Qpdfview

  • Clipit

  • Mousepad, Nano, Vi

  • VLC media player

  • Pamac, Pacli

  • Lxappearance

  • Nitrogen

  • Compton

  • Arandr for screen- and multihead settings

  • Manjaro-Printer

  • Htop

  • Tree

  • IsoUSB

  • Gparted

  • Mhwd-chroot

  • Manjaro-Welcome

  • Manjaro-Setting-Manager, Bmenu

  • LightDM

  • i3exit with blurlock

  • Xautolock

  • Alsa with Alsamixer and Volumeicon

  • Network- and Powermanager

  • Yaourt and AUR building environment

详情请看:release announcement

Manjaro BspWM Community Edition 15.12 更新如下:

Manjaro Linux 15.12 "i3", "bspwm" 发布

  • New 4.4 kernel

  • All gtk3 apps, with no gtk2 (gedit, spacefm, midori, gufw)

  • Bspwm-manjaro: New git build of bspwm, with some added extra convenience, and possibility of automatically updating your configuration files if bspwm syntax changes in the future

  • Improved multihead support

  • Two light and functional panels based on lemonbar: limepanel and lemonpanel

  • Openbox style desktop menu based on dmenu-manjaro

  • Draggable window gaps: left clicking and dragging window gaps allows resizing windows

  • Many powerful scripts and dmenu based helpers

  • Controls that aim to be

  • usable with either mouse or keyboard

  • accessible to use with one hand

  • familiar from other places (games, other tiling window managers or browsers)

详情请看:release announcement