IntelliJ IDEA 15 Public Preview 发布

jopen 8年前

IntelliJ IDEA 15 Public Preview 已经到来,此版本主要新特性如下:

  • Easier debugging of lambda expressions

  • Inspection that spots code duplicates on the fly

  • Find in Pathwith instant preview

  • TheExpressionType action for Java and Groovy (shows inferred type of any expression)

  • Run configurations enhancements (status indicators and gutter icons)

  • UI adjustments for color deficiency

  • HiDPI support improvements

  • Spring 4.2 and Hibernate 5.0 support

  • Groovy Builder AST transformation

  • Improved ReactJS

  • TypeScript 1.6

  • Updated database tools

PublicPreview 已经到来,正式版还会远吗?