Chef 12.3.0 发布,面向云计算开源系统整合框架

jopen 7年前

Chef 12.3.0 发布,此版本主要有以下更新:

  • pr#3160: Use Chef Zero in socketless mode for local mode, add --no-listen flag to disable port binding

  • Nolan Davidson: Removed after_created and added test to recipe_spec

  • Tim Sogard: Reset $HOME to user running chef-client when running via sudo

  • Torben Knerr: Allow for the chef gem installation to succeed without elevated privileges #3126

  • Mike Dodge MacOSX services: Load LaunchAgents as console user, adding plist and session_type options.

  • Eric Herot Ensure knife ssh doesn't use a non-existant field for hostname #3131

  • Tom Hughes Ensure searches progress in the face of incomplete responses #3135

  • pr#3162: Add --minimal-ohai flag to client/solo/apply; restricts ohai to only the bare minimum of plugins.

  • Ensure link's path attribute works with delayed #3130

  • gem_package, chef_gem should not shell out to using #2867

  • Add dynamic resource resolution similar to dynamic provider resolution

  • Add Chef class fascade to internal structures

  • Fix nil pointer for windows event logger #3200

  • Use partial search for knife status

  • Ensure chef/knife properly honours proxy config



Chef 是一个系统集成框架,为整个架构提供配置管理功能,有了 Chef 你可以:

  • Manage your servers by writing code, not by running commands. (via Cookbooks)

  • Integrate tightly with your applications, databases, LDAP  directories, and more. (via Libraries)

  • Easily configure applications that require knowledge about your   entire infrastructure ("What systems are running my application?"  "What  is the current master database server?")