Linux 环形任务栏 PieDock 1.5.0 发布

jopen 12年前
     <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958332507334700987" target="_blank"><em>PieDock</em></a>一个圆形菜单直接出现在你的鼠标光标的形状任务栏。感觉就像在Mac OS X停靠,但有一个圆形的形状小点点。</p>    <p><img alt="Linux 环形任务栏 PieDock 1.5.0 发布" src="" width="320" height="320" /></p>    <p>新版本改进内容:</p>    <p>1. Shows workspaces with window positions for one-icon-per-window menus if the corresponding window is not on the current workspace.A new action (ShowWindows) that shows a<span class="truncate_more"> menu of windows for the selected icon. <br /> 2. Binaries are now all lower case to comply with Debian packaging rules. <br /> 3. An option to ask GTK for icons (--enable-gtk). <br /> 4. Icons gathered from windows are now saved by default. <br /> 5. Uses Fitts' Law by default. Default size is now 320px. <br /> 6. Default Xft font size in titles is now 9.0. <br /> 7. Socket file doesn't include DISPLAY anymore</span></p>