newLISP 10.6.3 开发版发布,功能更新和 BUG 修复

cebp 9年前

newLISP是一个类似Lisp语言的、用于一般用途的脚本语言。它具有 LISP 语言所有的魔力,但更容易学习和使用。 newLISP是友好的,快速和简小的。大部分您需要的功能都将已经内置。

newLISP 10.6.3 发布,此版本是开发版本,包括一些新特性和改进:


  • dolist now also accepts arrays.

  • The net-eval function now returns the evaluation of the last function passed, not the first. The possibility of passing more than one expression in net-eval  is not documented.

  • The system variable ostype on MS Windows now reports the string "Windows" not "Win32". Windows now also can be compiled as a 64-bit application.

  • net-eval connection timeout changed to 15 seconds from 60 secconds. The processing timeout while connected can still be set by the user in a net-eval parameter.

  • The environment variable HTTP_AUTHORIZATION has been added to the variables handled in HTTP server mode.

  • In date-value the date and time numbers can now be given in one list instead of separate number parameters using and additional syntax.

  • The date-list function, when given without a parameter, now returns the date list for the current UTC date and time value.

  • The trim function without trim character parameters will now trim all white-space characters, not only spaces.

  • dump now returns the number of cells dumped not true.

  • A new trace syntax (trace int-device) writes all expression entries and exit results to the device given. int-device can be could be an open file or 1 for stdout.

  • The stack trace in error messages now prints the entire espression passed for evaluation, not only the function name.

  • The tmp directory is now defined on newLISP startup. For UNIX this is /tmp, for Windows it is taken from the TMP environment variable or assumed as /tmp.  The directory is used by the built-in function share and the built-in HTTPD server.

  • A new newLISP library call (newlispLibConsole 1) forces console output to stdout instead of writing to the return string of newlispEvalStr. The same call also enables console input viastdin.

  • newLISP can now be compiled as a 64-bit executable. Thanks toShigeru Kobayashi for doing most of this work.

Bug 修复

  • date-list crashed for negative values on some Windows versions.

  • The det and mat functions now give an error message when passed the wrong dimensions.

  • HTTP server mode now works correctly with Apache server, when the environment variables NEWLISPDIR and PROGRAMFILES are not defined. Default file paths are assumed for these variables.

  • HTTP only server mode with command-line switch -http did not reject net-eval requests.

  • expand could crash when evaluating binding lists.

  • The 'json-parse' function now handles 64-bit number also in 32-bit versions of newLISP.



(command-event (fn (s)      (local (request)          (if (find "?" s) ; is this a query              (begin                  (set 'request (first (parse s "?")))                  ; discover illegal extension in queries                  (if (ends-with request ".exe")                       (set 'request "GET /errorpage.html")                      (set 'request s)))              (set 'request s))          request)  ))