RPM 包管理器,rpm 4.13.0 发布

pbpb 7年前

RPM Package Manager (RPM) 是一个强大的命令行驱动的软件包管理工具,用来安装、卸载、校验、查询和更新 Linux 系统上的软件包。

rpm 4.13.0 发布,相比上一版,此次更新主要有以下变化:


  • File triggers

  • Rich dependencies

  • Dependency Generators for weak deps (tests, docs!)

Command line

  • --whatrecommends, --whatsuggests, --whatsupplements, --whatenhances query parameters

  • Depreated rpmbuild --addsign (use rpmsign instead!)

  • Added _vsflags_query_rpmdb macro to use less strict checks for query commands (rhbz:#438625)

  • Add support for rpmbuild -r[abpcils] SRPM to allowdoing all build steps from a source package

  • Honor --noglob in install modes too

  • Try to print error on stderr if log function failed (rhbz:#1139444)

  • Fixed --last sorting with non-en locales