Bokeh v0.12.5 发布,一个 Python 交互式可视化库

jopen 5年前
   <p style="text-align: center;"><strong><img alt="" src="" /></strong></p>    <p> </p>    <p>Bokeh (Bokeh.js) 是一个 Python 交互式可视化库,支持现代化 Web 浏览器,提供非常完美的展示功能。Bokeh 的目标是使用 D3.js 样式提供优雅,简洁新颖的图形化风格,同时提供大型数据集的高性能交互功能。Boken 可以快速的创建交互式的绘图,仪表盘和数据应用。</p>    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img alt="" src="" /></a></p>    <h2>更新日志</h2>    <ul>     <li>#2058 [component: bokehjs] Point hit testing for rects broken with screen space widths </li>     <li>#2288 [API: charts] Handle nan as input to bar()</li>     <li>#2822 [component: bokehjs] [geo] [starter] Gmapplot resets to (0, 0)</li>     <li>#2964 [component: bokehjs] Gmap alignment still off in 0.10</li>     <li>#3461 [component: server] Notebook + server not working</li>     <li>#3737 [regression] Gmapplot doesn't display anything in jupyter v.4</li>     <li>#4135 [component: bokehjs] [component: build] Don't expose external typings beyond bokeh namespace</li>     <li>#4539 [component: tests] Js tests reporting as failed even when they all passed</li>     <li>#4667 [component: bokehjs] Arrow and line_width</li>     <li>#4722 [notebook] Curdoc().theme = theme(json=yaml.load()) is not applied to charts when used in jupyter notebook</li>     <li>#4835 Multiple gmap plots whiting out  in notebook. </li>     <li>#4875 [component: bokehjs] Graph 'running off'</li>     <li>#4952 Theme doesn't apply when using components</li>     <li>#4979 [component: bokehjs] [component: server] Cannot add renderers within a callback</li>     <li>#5063 [component: tests] Bokehjs tests are failing on regular basis</li>     <li>#5152 [component: examples] Wrong data shown in gapminder example app / slider update failing</li>     <li>#5185 [layout] [starter] Reset tool fails when figure passed width instead of plot_width, etc. </li>     <li>#5336 [component: bokehjs] Strange behaviour of rect-glyph</li>     <li>#5353 [component: bokehjs] Extensions do not render when using bokeh.embed.components / bokeh.embed.file_html apis</li>     <li>#5416 [component: bokehjs] Multiple model sync in one callback can fail</li>     <li>#5488 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Hide annotations via callback</li>     <li>#5582 [component: server] --num-procs x and curdoc().session_context.request.arguments don't go well together</li>     <li>#5629 [component: server] [starter] Bokeh server reports "none" port when there is a port conflict. </li>     <li>#5644 Hasprops.apply_theme does not work on container values</li>     <li>#5670 [component: tests] Integration test reports are garbled</li>     <li>#5695 [component: docs] Typo in palettes docs</li>     <li>#5700 [component: bokehjs] Safe-tag-fix</li>     <li>#5706 [API: plotting] Bokeh 0.12.4: columndatasource does not work anymore with bokeh.plotting.image</li>     <li>#5720 [component: bokehjs] [component: tests] [regression] It's not possible to debug tests anymore since #5659</li>     <li>#5731 [component: tests] Tests broken again, this time due to `attributeerror`</li>     <li>#5732 [component: bokehjs] [widgets] Datatable not wired up to respond to streaming patching</li>     <li>#5742 [component: examples] Missing template in and</li>     <li>#5778 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Autoload_static uses jquery .data() </li>     <li>#5789 [component: tests] Some integration tests fail when run with python 2.7</li>     <li>#5818 [component: build] Conda convert windows packages cause an error</li>     <li>#5848 [component: server] Memory leak in bokeh application</li>     <li>#5861 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Instance of figure class in bokehjs does not have reference to xaxis and yaxis</li>     <li>#5887 [component: docs] Transform docstring ends abruptly</li>     <li>#5888 [component: tests] [regression] Tests/examples/ assumes clone has a remote named origin</li>     <li>#5891 [component: docs] Dev_guide/server.html has broken link to user_guide/server.html</li>     <li>#5900 [component: bokehjs] Attempt to make layout less fragile</li>     <li>#5905 Embed components performance</li>     <li>#5910 [component: build] All ci jobs failing due to some change affecting js compilation</li>     <li>#5916 Cannot import from .ts in a custom extension</li>     <li>#5921 [component: bokehjs] Fix for small bug in array intersection method</li>     <li>#5936 [component: bokehjs] [component: build] Bokehjs builds are broken because of dependency update</li>     <li>#5954 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Latex label example is broken in dev docs</li>     <li>#5956 [component: docs] [regression] Sphinxext.bokeh_plot missing linenos option implementation</li>     <li>#5959 [layout] [regression] Notebook comms "basic usage.ipynb" broken</li>     <li>#5963 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Js error on callback</li>     <li>#5977 Themes aren't applied to document when using `save`</li>     <li>#5986 [component: bokehjs] Bug with firefox hover tool coordinates</li>     <li>#6006 Toolbar tooltips are blank in examples/app/crossfilter</li>     <li>#6012 Importing bokeh.models creates zombie process</li>     <li>#6014 [component: build] [regression] Sdists prompting for bokehjs build will block pip installs</li>     <li>#6015 [component: bokehjs] Fixed bug in model._process_event method</li>     <li>#6018 [regression] Hover tool broken due to undefined roundingfunction</li>     <li>#6023 [component: server] Accept server connections from any origin</li>     <li>#6030 Boxzoomtool and boxselecttool doesn't clear the overlay when end event is off the plot frame</li>     <li>#6032 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Multiple selections via shift+select don't work</li>     <li>#6037 [notebook] [regression] Repeatedly displaying a plot degrades performance</li>     <li>#6045 [component: examples] Fixed hover on gapminder to display country</li>     <li>#6051 [component: bokehjs] [regression] Middle and bottom plot won't pan in y-dimension in custom/gears/ demo on firefox</li>     <li>#6054 Issues with examples/plotting/server/</li>     <li>#6059 [component: server] Python event callback not called if no js event callback is registered</li>     <li>#6063 [component: docs] Fixed href</li>     <li>#6069 [component: docs] Fixed broken link to gapminder example</li>     <li>#6075 Resettool does not trigger change events on range1d</li>     <li>#6100 Correct cursor handling</li>     <li>#2274 [component: bokehjs] Interactive legends</li>     <li>#2414 [starter] Use [non]selection_glyph="auto" to generate automatically, not none </li>     <li>#3715 Interactively hide or show lines after plot finished by clicking (without re-ploting like plot browser feature in matlab)</li>     <li>#3748 [component: bokehjs] [component: server] Trigger python event when `level_of_detail` mode finishes</li>     <li>#4241 [component: docs] [starter] Create a custom 404 page for bokeh docs</li>     <li>#4694 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Angle of glyphs in legend doesn't match glyphs in plot</li>     <li>#4927 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Event handler for width/height change of plot</li>     <li>#5015 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Customjstransform</li>     <li>#5278 [component: bokehjs] [component: server] Feature: emitting tool and ui events and attaching callbacks</li>     <li>#5442 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Add scale control to gmaps</li>     <li>#5592 [component: bokehjs] [geo] [starter] Gmapoptions are not dynamically applied</li>     <li>#5692 [component: server]   make it possible to use relative urls  </li>     <li>#5973 Cds creation from dataframes should not use tolist()</li>     <li>#6043 Avoid isinstance checks in _visit_value_and_its_immediate_references</li>     <li>#6055 Use math library instead of numpy for nan/inf checks</li>     <li>  * tasks:</li>     <li>#2933 [component: bokehjs] Use only `div` and `canvas` in the generated html</li>     <li>#2940 Gmapplot coordinate axes</li>     <li>#3210 [component: bokehjs] [component: server] [widgets] Improvements to events</li>     <li>#3270 [API: charts] General charts examples improvements</li>     <li>#4111 [component: bokehjs] [component: tests] [regression] Check js logs in tests</li>     <li>#4285 [component: tests] Testing infrastructure bug/wish list</li>     <li>#4321 [component: bokehjs] [webgl] Put webgl functionality in separate bokeh-gl.js?</li>     <li>#4854 Code of conduct needed</li>     <li>#5060 Limit imports of client/server code to only when necessary</li>     <li>#5102 [component: bokehjs] Hovertool tooltip css is vunerable to being overridden by other page css</li>     <li>#5121 [component: bokehjs] [component: tests] Fix skipped js tests as result of getter/setter work</li>     <li>#5174 [component: bokehjs] [starter] Task: support updating computed transforms fields if dependencies change</li>     <li>#5209 [component: build] Stop building noarch conda packages</li>     <li>#5232 [component: tests] Intermittently failing examples tests - ggplot_density and graphs</li>     <li>#5238 [component: build] [component: docs] Help make examples more visible and easy to use</li>     <li>#5254 [component: bokehjs] [component: examples] [component: tests] Examples involving transforms using math.random() fail image diff</li>     <li>#5495 [component: docs] [component: server] Document non-script and programmatic use </li>     <li>#5541 [component: build] Label image diff results "expected" vs "actual"</li>     <li>#5613 [component: build] Windows build from source and versioneer</li>     <li>#5625 [component: bokehjs] Drop jquery from core bokehjs</li>     <li>#5638 [component: docs] Examples / charts/ readme states incorrect location for jupyter notebook example code</li>     <li>#5640 [component: examples] New app example: exploding pivot charts</li>     <li>#5647 [API: charts] Make the default hover tooltip work for donut charts</li>     <li>#5664 Remove old deprecations </li>     <li>#5666 [py3] Python 3.6 compatibility</li>     <li>#5677 Permission denied error when invoking show() from inside jupyter notebook</li>     <li>#5679 [component: build] Deploy script should automatically create and upload examples tarballs</li>     <li>#5691 [component: docs] Fix a typo in layoutdom</li>     <li>#5699 [component: examples] Not necessary loop in weather example? </li>     <li>#5704 Move abstract out of</li>     <li>#5705 [notebook] Print bokeh version in notebook "bokehjs loaded" message</li>     <li>#5710 [API: models] Deprecate bokeh.models.layouts hbox and vbox</li>     <li>#5712 [component: tests] Make sure examples' tests wait until bokeh finished rendering</li>     <li>#5718 [component: docs] Bad formatting in selected docstring</li>     <li>#5726 [component: bokehjs] Tooltip font color can be turned white by outside css because it's not specified by bokeh</li>     <li>#5729 [component: bokehjs] Use only what we need from underscore</li>     <li>#5748 [component: tests] Bokehjs/examples/electron/node_modules interfere with code quality tests</li>     <li>#5754 Revert "clean up and refactor build"</li>     <li>#5756 Revert "bryanv/refactor build"</li>     <li>#5757 [component: bokehjs] [component: build] Remove bokehjs/src/vendor/kiwi and use bokeh/kiwi</li>     <li>#5759 [component: docs] Typo in axes docs</li>     <li>#5770 [component: build] Bryanv/build fixups</li>     <li>#5771 [component: build] Break up conda operations to prevent timeout</li>     <li>#5772 [component: build] Need to call chdir for persistent effect</li>     <li>#5773 [component: build] Fix path for css upload</li>     <li>#5775 [component: build] Try token with repr, add some diagnostics</li>     <li>#5776 [component: build] Globs don't work in subprocesses w/o shell=true</li>     <li>#5777 [component: build] Correctly implement put</li>     <li>#5787 [component: build] Pin mpl < 2.0</li>     <li>#5788 [component: docs] Migration notes and exceptions about mpl compat. </li>     <li>#5793 Bokeh calls logging.basicconfig()</li>     <li>#5796 [component: docs] Bokeh 0.12.4 needs python 3.3 but this isn't documented anywhere</li>     <li>#5799 Revert "fix rect rendering with log axis"</li>     <li>#5810 [component: bokehjs] Don't rely on</li>     <li>#5822 Hovertool for last value of a line plot sticks on second last value (works fine with circles)</li>     <li>#5826 [API: models] Add bokeh.plotting.gmap to create gmapplot correctly and easily</li>     <li>#5827 [component: build] Restore pip installable dev builds</li>     <li>#5834 [component: docs] Need to use different sintaxis when using command "bokeh serve" in windows command line</li>     <li>#5835 [component: examples] County data: most independent cities in virginia have 'city' left out, which causes confusion when trying to match based on county name</li>     <li>#5858 [component: docs] Update install.rst documentation</li>     <li>#5871 [API: models] Columndatasource constructor slow</li>     <li>#5878 [component: examples] Move models' file examples and add migration notes</li>     <li>#5880 [component: tests] Flake8 everything</li>     <li>#5882 [component: bokehjs] [component: examples] [component: tests] Test bokehjs/examples and run them on travis ci</li>     <li>#5895 [component: docs] Give feedback on bokeh server docs</li>     <li>#5896 [component: docs] Typo corrections and clarifications for user_guide/server (#5895)</li>     <li>#5902 [component: docs] Typo (missing comma) in example code for labels</li>     <li>#5915 [component: examples] Including the color option in the embed simple example</li>     <li>#5928 [component: tests] Test_api_crawler assumes it is run in the source directory</li>     <li>#5930 [component: bokehjs] Align bokehjs' imports with custom models</li>     <li>#5934 [component: bokehjs] Enable typescripts' noimplicitany</li>     <li>#5946 [component: build] [component: tests] Disable saucelabs tests for now</li>     <li>#5947 [component: build] [component: tests] Re-enable saucelabs tests</li>     <li>#5965 [component: bokehjs] Legend should have pointer cursor only when `click_policy != "none"`</li>     <li>#5969 Tweak defaults for interactive legend inactive labels</li>     <li>#5989 Remove deprecated output_server</li>     <li>#5998 [component: build] Update docs upload to work now that host site is behind cloudflare</li>     <li>#6010 Revert "deprecate mpl compat"</li>     <li>#6016 [component: examples] Sprint prints nan for seleted names set to none</li>     <li>#6024 [component: bokehjs] Use `throw new error(...)` instead of `throw error(...)`</li>     <li>#6036 [component: examples] Updating embed examples</li>     <li>#6039 [component: examples] When embedding with autoload into a page with a different public url need relative_urls=false</li>     <li>#6048 [component: docs] Leveraging other libraries should include datashader</li>     <li>#6058 [component: examples] Added a tiler with a valid url for second plot in plotting/file/airport_map</li>     <li>#6066 Change default for </li>     <li>#6071 [component: examples] Update element names and symbols in elements.csv</li>    </ul>    <h2>下载</h2>    <ul>     <li><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959005053703314410" rel="nofollow"><strong>Source code</strong> (zip)</a></li>     <li><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959005053822482320" rel="nofollow"><strong>Source code</strong> (tar.gz)</a></li>    </ul>    <p>本站原创,转载时保留以下信息:<br /> 本文转自:深度开源(<br /> 原文地址:<a href=""></a></p>