Zero Install Injector 1.8 发布

openkk 9年前
   <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958190740897493674" target="_blank">Zero Install Injector</a>是一款很神奇的软件,他的目标是终结Linux下软件安装困难的现象!通过它你可以非常智能化、自动化的安装任何软件(包括各种打包格 式、源代码),作者自己声称这将会替代其他的软件管理软件:YUM、APT等。而 Zero Install Injector 在运行的时候甚至不需要root权限,如果一台主机上有多位用户欲安装同一软件他也会很合理的将他们共享。</p>    <p>该工具也支持包括 Windows 和 MacOSx在内的操作系统。</p>    <p><img alt="Zero Install Injector 1.8 发布" src="" width="457" height="364" /></p>    <p>Zero Install Injector 1.8 发布了,改进内容:</p>    <ul>     <li>A new "Explain this decision" feature lets you find out why a particular version isn't being selected. </li>     <li>There is a new "POSIX" architecture group for implementations which work everywhere except on Windows. </li>     <li>The certifi library can be used to provide the trusted CA list on platforms without a system list. </li>     <li>Connections are now queued to avoid overloading sites with too many at once. </li>     <li>The user's preferred terminal emulator is now used, instead of hard-coding xterm. </li>    </ul>    <p> </p>