Google Maps API的三大开源替代品

jopen 6年前


Leaflet’s small library makes it a great option for creating interactive JavaScript maps for mobile applications where load time is vital. However, the long list of available plugins provides additional functionality and the library is supported by comprehensive documentation, making it ideal for beginner and more experienced developers.

Modest Maps

The library offered by Modest Maps is even smaller than Leaflet’s, but the modular design makes it a great way to create simple maps or select only the components relevant to each specific project, streamlining the development process.



This option is far more comprehensive than the previous two, allowing the creation of interactive tile-based maps or maps that leverage SVG-based vectors. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) allows CSS styling options for web documents to be applied to map design. Polymaps JavaScript library also expertly handles zooming for smooth performance.

It should be noted that neither Modest Maps nor Polymaps enjoy much active development, but both are still usable. The author suggests several other options that may be better suited depending on specific needs. The list of web mapping tools provided by the OpenGeo Foundation allows the mixing of mapping libraries, but careful attention must be paid to the scope and production-readiness of each tool.