Docker 1.7.0 发布,Linux 容器

jopen 7年前

Docker 是一个开源的应用容器引擎,让开发者可以打包他们的应用以及依赖包到一个可移植的容器中,然后发布到任何流行的 Linux 机器上,也可以实现虚拟化。容器是完全使用沙箱机制,相互之间不会有任何接口(类似 iPhone 的 app)。几乎没有性能开销,可以很容易地在机器和数据中心中运行。最重要的是,他们不依赖于任何语言、框架或包装系统。

Docker 1.7.0 发布,Linux 容器

Docker 1.7.0 正式版发布,此版本主要更新信息如下:


  • Experimental feature: support for out-of-process volume plugins

  • The userland proxy can be disabled in favor of hairpin NAT using the daemon’s --userland-proxy=false flag

  • The exec command supports the -u|--user flag to specify the new process owner

  • Default gateway for containers can be specified daemon-wide using the --default-gateway and --default-gateway-v6 flags

  • The CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota can be set in docker run using --cpu-quota

  • Container block IO can be controlled in docker run using--blkio-weight

  • ZFS support

  • The docker logs command supports a --since argument

  • UTS namespace can be shared with the host with docker run --uts=host


  • Networking stack was entirely rewritten as part of the libnetwork effort

  • Engine internals refactoring

  • Volumes code was entirely rewritten to support the plugins effort

  • Sending SIGUSR1 to a daemon will dump all goroutines stacks without exiting


  • Support ${variable:-value} and ${variable:+value} syntax for environment variables

  • Support resource management flags --cgroup-parent, --cpu-period, --cpu-quota, --cpuset-cpus, --cpuset-mems

  • git context changes with branches and directories

  • The .dockerignore file support exclusion rules


  • Client support for v2 mirroring support for the official registry


  • Firewalld is now supported and will automatically be used when available

  • mounting --device recursively