Linux Mint 12(LISA)将在11月发布

jopen 11年前
     <p>当<span class="wp_keywordlink">Ubuntu</span> 11.10 发布之后,部分用户开始期待<span class="wp_keywordlink">Ubuntu</span>最流行的衍生版Linux Mint发布的问题。答案在得到了<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193562907611874" target="_blank">Linux Mint</a>的博客上有。查看Linux-mint博客上的信息。</p>    <p>Linuxmint博客上公布的信息表示Linuxmint 12 (LISA)将在十一月发布。Unity某种程度上与现在不同。关于采用桌面GNOME 2.32或3.2的问题。答案是:将是出现两个版本,继续发行一个经典的老桌面<span class="wp_keywordlink">Gnome</span> 2.32,另外也会发行<span class="wp_keywordlink">Gnome3</span>.2桌面。</p>    <p>Linux Mint 博客原文:</p>    <blockquote>     <p>Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” will be released in November this year with continued support for <span class="wp_keywordlink"><a title="Gnome" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193563651321760">Gnome</a></span> 2 but also with the introduction of Gnome 3. The radical changes introduced by the Gnome project split the community. At the time of releasing Linux Mint 11 we decided it was too early to adopt Gnome 3. This time around, the decision isn’t as simple. Gnome 3.2 is more mature and we can see the potential of this new desktop and use it to implement something that can look and behave better than anything based on Gnome 2. Of course, we’re starting from scratch and this process will take time and span across multiple releases. Until then, it’s important we continue to support the traditional Gnome 2 desktop. We’re likely to release two separate editions, one for Gnome 2.32 and one for Gnome 3.2. We’re also working in cooperation with the MATE project (which is a fork of Gnome 2) at the moment to see if we can make both desktops compatible in an effort to let you run both Gnome 2 (or MATE) and Gnome 3 on the same system, either in Linux Mint 12, or for the future.</p>    </blockquote>    <p></p>    <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p>Linux Mint  是一个基于 Ubuntu 的发行版。他继承了 Ubuntu 的众多优点,同时也在 Ubuntu 的基础上加入很多自己优秀的特性。其目标是提供一种更开箱即刻可用的用户体验,免去用户要安装系统后还要自己安装一系列满足基本使用需求的软件。它包括提 供浏览器插件、多媒体编解码器、对DVD播放的支持、Java和其他组件。它与 Ubuntu 软件仓库完全兼容。可以毫不夸张地说 Linux Mint 在某些方面的用户体验比 Ubuntu 还要优秀。</p>     <p><img title="Linux Mint 12(LISA)将在11月发布" border="0" alt="Linux Mint 12(LISA)将在11月发布" src="" width="400" height="240" /></p>     <h2>Download links</h2>     <table class="sponsor-table ke-zeroborder">      <tbody>       <tr>        <th colspan="4">Main edition (Gnome desktop)</th>        <th>Codecs and extra applications*</th>        <th>Windows installer</th>       </tr>       <tr>        <td>DVD</td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193564396687053">32-bit</a></td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193565135215905">64-bit</a></td>        <td>The full-featured standard version</td>        <td>Yes</td>        <td>No</td>       </tr>       <tr class="alt">        <td>CD No codecs</td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193565877983890">32-bit</a></td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193566605219866">64-bit</a></td>        <td>A version which fits on a CD, without multimedia support and extra applications. For magazines, companies and distributors in the USA, Japan and countries where the legislation allows patents to apply to software and distribution of restricted technologies may require the acquisition of 3rd party licenses.</td>        <td>No</td>        <td>Yes</td>       </tr>       <tr>        <td>OEM</td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193567355112691">32-bit</a></td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193568095662813">64-bit</a></td>        <td>For manufacturers, to pre-install Linux Mint on computers without setting up a user account.</td>        <td>No</td>        <td>No</td>       </tr>      </tbody>     </table>     <br />     <table class="sponsor-table ke-zeroborder">      <tbody>       <tr>        <th colspan="3">LXDE edition (LXDE desktop)</th>        <th>Codecs and extra applications*</th>        <th>Windows installer</th>       </tr>       <tr>        <td>CD</td>        <td><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193568832676499">32-bit</a></td>        <td>This edition uses the lightweight LXDE desktop.</td>        <td>Yes</td>        <td>No</td>       </tr>      </tbody>     </table>     <br /> * Missing codecs and extra applications can be installed with a simple click of the mouse.     <p></p>    </div>    <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193175603782057"></a></p>