Go编程语言 1.3 版本发布

jopen 8年前


今天 Go 1.3 发布,提供更好的性能改进的工具,支持在新的环境中运行Go等。所有用户应该升级到1.3。详细发布日志 release notes。以下一些亮点

  • Godoc,Go文档服务器,目前支持静态分析;支持查看文档包、资源视图功能,查看文档细节
  • GC工具链支持在本地客户端(NaCl)32位、64位英特尔架构执行sandbox ;
  • 支持平台包括:DragonFly BSD、 Plan 9、 Solaris操作系统,查看安装资源
  • Go编译器生成二进制代码的性能得到了改善;提升垃圾回收机制;一种新的“ contiguous”堆栈管理策略;更快的race detector(数据检测)以及改进正则表达式处理程序。
  • 显著改进链接器和编译器,可以更快地编译程序。

Godoc, the Go documentation server, now performs static analysis. When enabled with the -analysis flag, analysis results are presented in both the source and package documentation views, making it easier than ever to navigate and understand Go programs. See the documentation for the details.

The gc toolchain now supports the Native Client (NaCl) execution sandbox on the 32- and 64-bit Intel architectures. This permits the safe execution of untrusted code, useful in environments such as the Playground. To set up NaCl on your system see the NativeClient wiki page.

Also included in this release is experimental support for the DragonFly BSD, Plan 9, and Solaris operating systems. To use Go on these systems you must install from source.

Changes to the runtime have improved the performance of Go binaries, with an improved garbage collector, a new "contiguous" goroutine stack management strategy, a faster race detector, and improvements to the regular expression engine.

As part of the general overhaul of the Go linker, the compilers and linkers have been refactored. The instruction selection phase that was part of the linker has been moved to the compiler. This can speed up incremental builds for large projects.

The garbage collector is now precise when examining stacks (collection of the heap has been precise since Go 1.1), meaning that a non-pointer value such as an integer will never be mistaken for a pointer and prevent unused memory from being reclaimed. This change affects code that uses package unsafe; if you have unsafe code you should read the release notes carefully to see if your code needs updating.

We would like to thank the many people who contributed to this release; it would not have been possible without your help.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the downloads page and start hacking.