Apache Solr 5.5.0 发布,全文搜索服务器

jopen 7年前

Apache Solr 5.5.0 发布,Solr是一个高性能,采用Java开发,基于Lucene的全文搜索服务器。文档通过Http利用XML加到一个搜索集合中。查询该集合也是通过 http收到一个XML/JSON响应来实现。它的主要特性包括:高效、灵活的缓存功能,垂直搜索功能,高亮显示搜索结果,通过索引复制来提高可用性,提 供一套强大Data Schema来定义字段,类型和设置文本分析,提供基于Web的管理界面等。


* The schema version has been increased to 1.6, and Solr now returns
non-stored doc values fields along with stored fields
* The PERSIST CoreAdmin action has been removed
* The <mergePolicy> element is deprecated in favor of a similar
<mergePolicyFactory> element, in solrconfig.xml
* CheckIndex now works on HdfsDirectory
* RuleBasedAuthorizationPlugin now allows wildcards in the role, and
accepts an 'all' permission
* Users can now choose compression mode in SchemaCodecFactory
* Solr now supports Lucene's XMLQueryParser
* Collections APIs now have async support
* Uninverted field faceting is re-enabled, for higher performance on
rarely changing indices


来自: http://www.oschina.net//news/70953/apache-solr-5-5-0