svn2cvsgraph 2.0 发布,SVN版本修订图生成工具

jopen 7年前



Software Commands for svn2cvsgraph and cvsgraph Time needed for svn2cvsgraph Result (click for entire image)
MPlayer svn2cvsgraph -r svn:// > /tmp/mplayer,v 30 sec svn2cvsgraph 2.0 发布,SVN版本修订图生成工具 780x1655 pixels
cvsgraph -r/tmp -m. mplayer,v -o /tmp/mplayer.png -O'strip_untagged=true;' -O'rev_hidenumber=true;' -O'merge_to="^B__merged_%1$";' -O'merge_from="^(.*)";' -O'tag_ignore="^B__merged_(.*)";' -O'tag_ignore_merge=true;'
PuTTY svn2cvsgraph -r svn:// -m /putty -b '' > /tmp/putty,v 1 min 42 sec svn2cvsgraph 2.0 发布,SVN版本修订图生成工具 3349x1397 pixels
cvsgraph -r/tmp -m. putty,v -o /tmp/putty.png -O'strip_untagged=true;' -O'rev_hidenumber=true;'
PHP svn2cvsgraph -r -m /php/php-src/trunk -b /php/php-src/branches -t /php/php-src/tags > /tmp/php,v 1 hour 21 min 40 sec svn2cvsgraph 2.0 发布,SVN版本修订图生成工具 2598x17931 pixels
cvsgraph -r/tmp -m. php,v -o /tmp/php.png -O'strip_untagged=true;' -O'rev_hidenumber=true;' -O'merge_to="^B__merged_%1$";' -O'merge_from="^(.*)";' -O'tag_ignore="^B__merged_(.*)";' -O'tag_ignore_merge=true;'
The above examples were created 2010-03-28 using svn2cvsgraph 0.9beta and cvsgraph 1.7.0. The commands were run from a directory containing the default cvsgraph.conf delivered with cvsgraph 1.7.0. The contents of the graphs can be adjusted using different switches for svn2cvsgraph. The layout of the graphs can be adjusted by using different switches for cvsgraph and/or modifying cvsgraph.conf.