Ubuntu Studio 13.10 发布

jopen 9年前

Ubuntu Studio是Ubuntu的变体,它定位于GNU/Linux音频、视频、图像爱好者及专家。该发行提供一套开源应用软件的收藏,它们可以用于多媒体创建。
Ubuntu Studio 13.10
Howard Chan has announced the release of Ubuntu Studio 13.10, an Ubuntu sub-project providing a full range of multimedia content creation applications for audio, graphics, video, photography and publishing: " The Ubuntu Studio team proudly announces the immediate release of Ubuntu Studio 13.10. This exciting release incorporates the new features listed below: a new menu structure which works on any desktop environment; a new package named ubuntustudio-installer, which allows any person to install our metapackages and can fit into any desktop environment; instead of a settings menu, we have fitted in a new Settings Manager, with all settings in one place; when you are in the GRUB menu, the boot item for Ubuntu Studio will show 'Ubuntu Studio' instead of 'Ubuntu'; the latest low-latency kernel will be always the default boot item in the GRUB boot loader; the XFCE session in the LightDM is removed to avoid any confusion with the Ubuntu Studio session...."
Continue to the release announcement and release notes to learn more.
Download: ubuntustudio-13.10-dvd-amd64.iso (2,464MB, SHA256, torrent). Ubuntu Studio 13.10