ora2pg 9.1 发布,Oracle 转 PostgreSQL 工具

openkk 10年前
   <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958189492565884955" target="_blank">ora2pg </a>9.1 发布,该版本支持自动检测对象的大小写,在数据导出时显示进度信息以及修复了大量的 bug。</p>    <p>Ora2pg可以用来将Oracle数据库转换成PostgreSQL。主要功能: </p>    <p>- Export full database schema (tables, views, sequences, indexes), with unique, primary, foreign key and check constraints.<br /> - Export grants/privileges for users and groups.<br /> - Export a table selection (by specifying the table names).<br /> - Export Oracle schema to a PostgreSQL 7.3+ schema.<br /> - Export predefined functions, triggers, procedures, packages and package bodies.<br /> - Export range and list Oracle partition.<br /> - Export full datas or following a WHERE clause.<br /> - Full support of Oracle BLOB object as PG BYTEA.<br /> - Export Oracle views as PG tables.<br /> - Export Oracle user defined types.<br /> - Provide basic help for converting PLSQL code to PLPGSQL (still needs manual work).<br /> - Works on any plateform.</p>