Java搜索引擎 Apache Lucene 3.4.0 发布

openkk 11年前
     <p><strong>Lucene</strong>是一套用于全文检索和<span class="mw-redirect">搜寻</span>的<span class="mw-redirect">开源</span><span class="mw-redirect">程式库</span>,由Apache软件基金会支持和提供。Lucene提供了一个简单确强大的应用程式接口,能够做全文索引和搜寻,在Java开发环境里Lucene是一个成熟的免费开放源代码工具;就其本身而论,Lucene是现在并且是这几年,最受欢迎的免费java资讯检索程式库。人们经常提到资讯检索程式库,就像是搜寻引擎,但是不应该将资讯检索程式库与网搜索引擎相混淆。</p>    <p>Lucene最初是由Doug Cutting所撰写的,是一位资深全文索引/检索专家,曾经是V-Twin搜索引擎的主要开发者,后来在Excite担任高级系统架构设计师,目前从事 于一些INTERNET底层架构的研究。他贡献出Lucene的目标是为各种中小型应用程式加入全文检索功能。</p>    <p><br /> Apache Lucene 3.4.0 发布了,该版本包含很多的bug修复,优化和改进,下载地址:</p>    <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958190510803368115" target="_blank"></a></p>    <p>如果你正在使用 Apache Lucene 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3 ,那我们强烈建议你立即升级到该版本。<br /> <br /> Lucene 3.4.0 主要亮点:<br /> <br />   * 修复了一个主要的bug (LUCENE-3418) 该问题在操作系统或者计算机崩溃的时候会导致索引被破坏<br /> <br />   * Added a new faceting module (contrib/facet) for computing facet counts (both hierarchical and non-hierarchical) at search time (LUCENE-3079).<br /> <br />   * Added a new join module (contrib/join), enabling indexing and searching of nested (parent/child) documents using BlockJoinQuery/Collector (LUCENE-3171).<br /> <br />   * It is now possible to index documents with term frequencies included but without positions (LUCENE-2048); previously omitTermFreqAndPositions always omitted both.<br /> <br />   * The modular QueryParser (contrib/queryparser) can now create NumericRangeQuery.<br /> <br />   * Added SynonymFilter, in contrib/analyzers, to apply multi-word synonyms during indexing or querying, including parsers to read the wordnet and solr synonym formats (LUCENE-3233).<br /> <br />   * You can now control how documents that don't have a value on the sort field should sort (LUCENE-3390), using SortField.setMissingValue.<br /> <br />   * Fixed a case where term vectors could be silently deleted from the index after addIndexes (LUCENE-3402).<br /> <br /> 项目地址:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958185765343622769" target="_blank"></a><br /> 开发文档:<a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>