NVIDIA回应Linux之父指责 称Linux很重要

openkk 10年前
   <p>        几日前,Linux 之父 Linus Torvalds 出席一个活动时毫不留情得批评了 NVIDIA,称 NVIDIA 是最难伺候的硬件制造商之一,是他们接触过的最垃圾的公司。NVIDIA 迄今没有针对 Linux 平台发布任何官方的 Optimus 支持。Linus 还对 NVDIA 爆出了粗口,对着镜头竖起中指:“NVIDIA, Fxxk you.”</p>    <p>        回顾完了我们接下来看看 NVIDIA 的反应。昨日,NVIDIA 公关部门终于对此发表了公开评论。大意是说,“<strong>支持 Linux 对 NVIDIA 来说意义重大</strong>”,NVIDIA 其实一直都致力于为跨平台包括 Linux 提供(私有)驱动,而且积极参与 ARM Linux 内核的开发和建设,如此云云,但是并没有提及 Optimus 未来是否会支持 Linux 平台,也没有别的什么实质性内容。</p>    <p style="text-align:center;"><img alt="NVIDIA回应Linux之父指责 称Linux很重要" src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/d02c5e472b9fb9b77fe5b6c166f5c0e2.jpg" width="548" height="410" /></p>    <p style="text-align:center;">        Linus Torvalds 态度强烈</p>    <p>        附:NVIDIA 完整声明,感兴趣的读者可以一阅</p>    <blockquote>     <p>Supporting Linux is important to NVIDIA, and we understand that there are people who are as passionate about Linux as an open source platform as we are passionate about delivering an awesome GPU experience.</p>     <p>Recently, there have been some questions raised about our lack of support for our Optimus notebook technology. When we launched our Optimus notebook technology, it was with support for Windows 7 only. The open source community rallied to work around this with support from the Bumblebee Open Source Project http://bumblebee-project.org/. And as a result, we've recently made Installer and readme changes in our R295 drivers that were designed to make interaction with Bumblebee easier.</p>     <p>While we understand that some people would prefer us to provide detailed documentation on all of our GPU internals, or be more active in Linux kernel community development discussions, we have made a decision to support Linux on our GPUs by leveraging NVIDIA common code, rather than the Linux common infrastructure. While this may not please everyone, it does allow us to provide the most consistent GPU experience to our customers, regardless of platform or operating system.</p>     <p>As a result:</p>     <p>1) Linux end users benefit from same-day support for new GPUs , OpenGL version and extension parity between NVIDIA Windows and NVIDIA Linux support, and OpenGL performance parity between NVIDIA Windows and NVIDIA Linux.</p>     <p>2) We support a wide variety of GPUs on Linux, including our latest GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla-class GPUs, for both desktop and notebook platforms. Our drivers for these platforms are updated regularly, with seven updates released so far this year for Linux alone. The latest Linux drivers can be downloaded from www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html.</p>     <p>3) We are a very active participant in the ARM Linux kernel. For the latest 3.4 ARM kernel – the next-gen kernel to be used on future Linux, Android, and Chrome distributions – NVIDIA ranks second in terms of total lines changed and fourth in terms of number of changesets for all employers or organizations.</p>     <p>At the end of the day, providing a consistent GPU experience across multiple platforms for all of our customers continues to be one of our key goals.</p>    </blockquote>