Kendo UI: jQuery-HTML5 UI 框架

jopen 11年前
     <a href="" target="_blank">Kendo UI</a>是一个用于开发现在HTML UI操作界面的框架。基于最新技术HTML5、CSS3和JavaScript标准设计开发。Kendo UI包含了开发现代JavaScript开发所需要的所有一切,包括:强大的数据源,通用的拖拉(Drag-and-Drop)功能,模板,和UI控件。    <br />    <img title="Kendo UI: jQuery-HTML5 UI 框架" border="0" alt="Kendo UI: jQuery-HTML5 UI 框架" src="" width="469" height="284" />    <br />    <section class="threecolumns">     <div class="content">      <h3>More than UI</h3>      <p>Kendo UI combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including a powerful DataSource, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, Themes, and UI Widgets.</p>     </div>    </section>    <section class="threecolumns">     <div class="content">      <h3>Latest web standards</h3>      <p>Get the most out of the web's latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards without giving-up broad browser compatibility.</p>     </div>    </section>    <section class="threecolumns">     <div class="content">      <h3>Uncompromising Performance</h3>      <p>UI in the browser should be fast. From UI virtualization to blazing micro templates, Kendo UI cuts no corners to deliver raw speed. It's scary fast.<br /> <br /> 下载:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958193890333427259" target="_blank"></a></p>     </div>    </section>