分布式文件系统,Ceph 9.0.3 发布

jopen 5年前

 Ceph是加州大学Santa Cruz分校的Sage Weil(DreamHost的联合创始人)专为博士论文设计的新一代自由软件分布式文件系统。自2007年毕业之后,Sage开始全职投入到Ceph开 发之中,使其能适用于生产环境。Ceph的主要目标是设计成基于POSIX的没有单点故障的分布式文件系统,使数据能容错和无缝的复制。2010年3 月,Linus Torvalds将Ceph client合并到内 核2.6.34中。IBM开发者园地的一篇文章 探讨了Ceph的架构,它的容错实现和简化海量数据管理的功能。

Ceph 9.0.3 发布,此版本最直观的改进是内部改进(用户不可见):OSD 的 ObjectStore 接口改进。同时还有大量关于 RGW,RBD 和其他 CephFS scrub/repair 方面的改进和修复。


  • The return code for librbd’s rbd_aio_read and Image::aio_read API methods no longer returns the number of bytes read upon success. Instead, it returns 0 upon success and a negative value upon failure.

  • ‘ceph scrub’, ‘ceph compact’ and ‘ceph sync force are now DEPRECATED. Users should instead use ‘ceph mon scrub’, ‘ceph mon compact’ and ‘ceph mon sync force’.

  • ‘ceph mon_metadata’ should now be used as ‘ceph mon metadata’. There is no need to deprecate this command (same major release since it was first introduced).

  • The –dump-json option of “osdmaptool” is replaced by –dump json.

  • The commands of “pg ls-by-{pool,primary,osd}” and “pg ls” now take “recovering” instead of “recovery”, to include the recovering pgs in the listed pgs.


  • autotools: fix out of tree build (Krxysztof Kosinski)

  • autotools: improve make check output (Loic Dachary)

  • buffer: add invalidate_crc() (Piotr Dalek)

  • buffer: fix zero bug (#12252 Haomai Wang)

  • build: fix junit detection on Fedora 22 (Ira Cooper)

  • ceph-disk: install pip > 6.1 (#11952 Loic Dachary)

  • cephfs-data-scan: many additions, improvements (John Spray)

  • ceph: improve error output for ‘tell’ (#11101 Kefu Chai)

  • ceph-objectstore-tool: misc improvements (David Zafman)

  • ceph-objectstore-tool: refactoring and cleanup (John Spray)

  • ceph_test_rados: test pipelined reads (Zhiqiang Wang)

  • common: fix bit_vector extent calc (#12611 Jason Dillaman)

  • common: make work queue addition/removal thread safe (#12662 Jason Dillaman)

  • common: optracker improvements (Zhiqiang Wang, Jianpeng Ma)

  • crush: add –check to validate dangling names, max osd id (Kefu Chai)

  • crush: cleanup, sync with kernel (Ilya Dryomov)

  • crush: fix subtree base weight on adjust_subtree_weight (#11855 Sage Weil)

  • crypo: fix NSS leak (Jason Dillaman)

  • crypto: fix unbalanced init/shutdown (#12598 Zheng Yan)

  • doc: misc updates (Kefu Chai, Owen Synge, Gael Fenet-Garde, Loic Dachary, Yannick Atchy-Dalama, Jiaying Ren, Kevin Caradant, Robert Maxime, Nicolas Yong, Germain Chipaux, Arthur Gorjux, Gabriel Sentucq, Clement Lebrun, Jean-Remi Deveaux, Clair Massot, Robin Tang, Thomas Laumondais, Jordan Dorne, Yuan Zhou, Valentin Thomas, Pierre Chaumont, Benjamin Troquereau, Benjamin Sesia, Vikhyat Umrao)

  • erasure-code: cleanup (Kefu Chai)

  • erasure-code: improve tests (Loic Dachary)

  • erasure-code: shec: fix recovery bugs (Takanori Nakao, Shotaro Kawaguchi)

  • libcephfs: add pread, pwrite (Jevon Qiao)

  • libcephfs,ceph-fuse: cache cleanup (Zheng Yan)

  • librados: add src_fadvise_flags for copy-from (Jianpeng Ma)

  • librados: respect default_crush_ruleset on pool_create (#11640 Yuan Zhou)

  • librbd: fadvise for copy, export, import (Jianpeng Ma)

  • librbd: handle NOCACHE fadvise flag (Jinapeng Ma)

  • librbd: optionally disable allocation hint (Haomai Wang)

  • librbd: prevent race between resize requests (#12664 Jason Dillaman)

  • log: fix data corruption race resulting from log rotation (#12465 Samuel Just)

  • mds: expose frags via asok (John Spray)

  • mds: fix setting entire file layout in one setxattr (John Spray)

  • mds: fix shutdown (John Spray)

  • mds: handle misc corruption issues (John Spray)

  • mds: misc fixes (Jianpeng Ma, Dan van der Ster, Zhang Zhi)

  • mds: misc snap fixes (Zheng Yan)

  • mds: store layout on header object (#4161 John Spray)

  • misc performance and cleanup (Nathan Cutler, Xinxin Shu)

  • mon: add NOFORWARD, OBSOLETE, DEPRECATE flags for mon commands (Joao Eduardo Luis)

  • mon: add PG count to ‘ceph osd df’ output (Michal Jarzabek)

  • mon: clean up, reorg some mon commands (Joao Eduardo Luis)

  • mon: disallow >2 tiers (#11840 Kefu Chai)

  • mon: fix log dump crash when debugging (Mykola Golub)

  • mon: fix metadata update race (Mykola Golub)

  • mon: fix refresh (#11470 Joao Eduardo Luis)

  • mon: make blocked op messages more readable (Jianpeng Ma)

  • mon: only send mon metadata to supporting peers (Sage Weil)

  • mon: periodic background scrub (Joao Eduardo Luis)

  • mon: prevent pgp_num > pg_num (#12025 Xinxin Shu)

  • mon: reject large max_mds values (#12222 John Spray)

  • msgr: add ceph_perf_msgr tool (Hoamai Wang)

  • msgr: async: fix seq handling (Haomai Wang)

  • msgr: xio: fastpath improvements (Raju Kurunkad)

  • msgr: xio: sync with accellio v1.4 (Vu Pham)

  • osd: clean up temp object if promotion fails (Jianpeng Ma)

  • osd: constrain collections to meta and PGs (normal and temp) (Sage Weil)

  • osd: filestore: clone using splice (Jianpeng Ma)

  • osd: filestore: fix recursive lock (Xinxin Shu)

  • osd: fix dup promotion lost op bug (Zhiqiang Wang)

  • osd: fix temp-clearing (David Zafman)

  • osd: include a temp namespace within each collection/pgid (Sage Weil)

  • osd: low and high speed flush modes (Mingxin Liu)

  • osd: peer_features includes self (David Zafman)

  • osd: recovery, peering fixes (#11687 Samuel Just)

  • osd: require firefly features (David Zafman)

  • osd: set initial crush weight with more precision (Sage Weil)

  • osd: use a temp object for recovery (Sage Weil)

  • osd: use blkid to collection partition information (Joseph Handzik)

  • rados: add –striper option to use libradosstriper (#10759 Sebastien Ponce)

  • radosgw-admin: fix subuser modify output (#12286 Guce)

  • rados: handle –snapid arg properly (Abhishek Lekshmanan)

  • rados: improve bench buffer handling, performance (Piotr Dalek)

  • rados: new pool import implementation (John Spray)

  • rbd: fix link issues (Jason Dillaman)

  • rbd: improve CLI arg parsing, usage (Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd: recognize queue_depth kernel option (Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd: support G and T units for CLI (Abhishek Lekshmanan)

  • rbd: use image-spec and snap-spec in help (Vikhyat Umrao, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rest-bench: misc fixes (Shawn Chen)

  • rest-bench: support https (#3968 Yuan Zhou)

  • rgw: add max multipart upload parts (#12146 Abshishek Dixit)

  • rgw: add Trasnaction-Id to response (Abhishek Dixit)

  • rgw: document layout of pools and objects (Pete Zaitcev)

  • rgw: do not preserve ACLs when copying object (#12370 Yehuda Sadeh)

  • rgw: fix Connection: header handling (#12298 Wido den Hollander)

  • rgw: fix data corruptions race condition (#11749 Wuxingyi)

  • rgw: fix JSON response when getting user quota (#12117 Wuxingyi)

  • rgw: force content_type for swift bucket stats requests (#12095 Orit Wasserman)

  • rgw: improved support for swift account metadata (Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • rgw: make max put size configurable (#6999 Yuan Zhou)

  • rgw: orphan detection tool (Yehuda Sadeh)

  • rgw: swift: do not override sent content type (#12363 Orit Wasserman)

  • rgw: swift: set Content-Length for account GET (#12158 Radoslav Zarzynski)

  • rpm: always rebuild and install man pages for rpm (Owen Synge)

  • rpm: misc fixes (Boris Ranto, Owen Synge, Ken Dreyer, Ira Cooper)

  • systemd: logrotate fixes (Tim Seron, Lars Marowsky-Bree, Nathan Cutler)

  • sysvinit compat: misc fixes (Owen Synge)

  • test: misc fs test improvements (John Spray, Loic Dachary)

  • test: python tests, linter cleanup (Alfredo Deza)



Ceph 中文文档:http://docs.openfans.org/ceph

Ceph 的 4 个模块:

分布式文件系统,Ceph 9.0.3 发布

Ceph 生态系统:

分布式文件系统,Ceph 9.0.3 发布

分布式文件系统,Ceph 9.0.3 发布