PyPy 2.5.1 发布,Python 解释器

dy223 8年前

PyPy 2.5.1 发布了,PyPy 是用Python实现的Python解释器。

PyPy是,Python开发者为了更好的Hack Python创建的项目。此外,PyPy比CPython是更加灵活,易于使用和试验,以制定具体的功能在不同情况的实现方法,可以很容易实施。 该项目的目标是,让PyPy比C实现的Python更为容易的适应各个项目和方便裁剪。



  • The past months have seen pypy mature and grow, as rpython becomes the goto solution for writing fast dynamic language interpreters. Our separation of Rpython from the python interpreter PyPy is now much clearer in thePyPy documentation  and we now have seperate RPython documentation. Tell us what still isn’t clear, or even better help us improve the documentation.

  • We merged version 2.7.9 of python’s stdlib. From the python release notice:

    • The entirety of Python 3.4’s ssl module has been backported. See PEP 466 for justification.

    • HTTPS certificate validation using the system’s certificate store is now enabled by default. See PEP 476 for details.

    • SSLv3 has been disabled by default in httplib and its reverse dependencies due to the POODLE attack.

    • The ensurepip module has been backported, which provides the pip package manager in every Python 2.7 installation. See PEP 477.

  • The garbage collector now ignores parts of the stack which did not change since the last collection, another performance boost

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    • errno and LastError are saved around cffi calls so things like pdb will not overwrite it

    • We continue to asymptotically approach a score of 7 times faster than cpython on our benchmark suite, we now rank 6.98 on latest runs

    • Issues reported with our previous release were resolved after reports from users on our issue tracker at or on IRC at #pypy.