Visual Studio ‘14' CTP 3 发布下载

jopen 7年前

Visual Studio ‘14' CTP 3 发布下载

微软已经宣布,他们已经发布了Visual Studio的“14”CTP3下载,也是NET框架vNext的早期版本。现在 Visual Studio 团队版本更新越来越快了。此版本带有相当多的改进,以下是一些改进:

  • ASP.NET 和 Web 开发 vNext 更新。This CTP includes all the Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 web tooling improvement and ASP.NET vNext alpha 3 runtime packages. It has improved tooling support for ASP.NET vNext, such as support for build configuration and support for unit tests, and it no longer includes content and compile items inside “.kproj” file. ASP.NET vNext includes an updated version of the RyuJIT JIT compiler. For details, please read the full post on the .NET Web Development Tools blog.
  • .NET Native 更新。 .NET Native is now integrated into Visual Studio “14.” It includes initial support for calling WCF services within .NET Native apps and the associated Add Service Reference experience in Visual Studio.
  • PerfTips 在调试器中。In CTP 3 you can see how long your code took to execute as you hit breakpoints and step through code with the debugger. Simply look at the end of the current line when you are stopped in the debugger to see the performance tooltip. For more information read the dedicated post on PerfTips on diagnostics blog.
  • 共享项目。With CTP 3, you can create an empty C#, VB, and JavaScript shared project from the “File > New Project” menu. Windows Store/Phone Projects written in C#/VB/JavaScript, as well as some classic desktop projects (Console Application, Class Library, Windows Form Application, Portable Class Library, WPF) written in C#/VB can consume one or many of these shared projects.

You can head to the source link below to see the full list of changes and more details about the update.

As with any pre-release software, you should avoid installing it on a production machine and it should be limited to testing purposes only. While this may be a later-stage release, it could still have bugs that could cause unwanted side-effects in a production environment.

Source: Microsoft | Download: Visual Studio '14' CTP 3