Clonezilla Live 2.1.2-20 发布,分区/硬盘克隆软件

jopen 9年前

Clonezilla Live是基于Debian的自启动运行光盘,它包含了一份类似Norton Ghost那样的分区/硬盘克隆软件Clonezilla。它保存并恢复硬盘上那些使用了的数据块。使用Clonezilla,用户可以在大约10分钟内将5 GB的系统克隆到40份客户机上。
Clonezilla Live 2.1.2-20 发布,分区/硬盘克隆软件
Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.1.2-20, a new stable build of the project's specialist live CD designed for disk cloning tasks:

" This release of Clonezilla live (2.1.2-20) includes major enhancements and bug fixes: the underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded, this release is based on the Debian 'Sid' repository as of 2013-07-03; Linux kernel was updated to 3.9.8; Partclone was updated to 0.2.66, a better disk cache mechanism was used; the drbl package was updated to 2.4.18 and Clonezilla was updated to 3.5.1; the disk size info will be shown when selecting the images during restoring; a summary of ocs-chkimg will be shown after image is checked; syslinux was updated to 5.01....</span>"

Read the rest of the release announcement for a list of bug fixes.

Download ( MD5): clonezilla-live-2.1.2-20-amd64.iso (121MB), clonezilla-live-2.1.2-20-i686-pae.iso (119MB), clonezilla-live-2.1.2-20-i486.iso (118MB).