FreeBSD 9.2-RC4 发布

jopen 9年前

FreeBSD是类UNIX操作系统,它基于加州伯克利大学的“4.4BSD-Lite”发行并带有一些“4.4BSD-Lite2”增强,面向i386、amd64、IA-64、arm、MIPS、powerpc、ppc64、PC-98、UltraSPARC等平台。它还间接地基于“386BSD”,此乃William Jolitz对加州伯克利大学的“Net/2”往i386系统上的移植,尽管如今只有极少的代码保留下来。FreeBSD被全世界的公司、因特网服务提供商、科研人员、计算机专家、学生、家庭用户等用于他们的工作、教育、娱乐中。FreeBSD带有20000多个软件包,它们是预编译和打包好了、便于安装的软件,并覆盖了广阔的应用领域:服务器软件、数据库和网页服务器、桌面软件、游戏、网络浏览器和商务软件,而这一切都是免费和易于安装的。
FreeBSD 9.2-RC4 发布
Development work on FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE continues with the latest release candidate as announced by Glen Barber earlier today:

" The fourth release candidate builds of the 9.2-RELEASE release cycle are now available on the FTP servers for the amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64, and sparc64 architectures. This is expected to be the final release candidate for the 9.2-RELEASE cycle. Changes between -RC3 and -RC4 include: revert the tribute boot loader logo as the default logo; fix a file system bug that would cause removed files to fail to dereference vnodes until the file system was forcibly unmounted and remounted; fix a rtadvd(8) segmentation fault on service reload; create and correct ownership and permissions of /var/authpf in the standard mtree; fix a NFS deadlock; stop SIOCSIFADDR, SIOCSIFBRDADDR, SIOCSIFDSTADDR and SIOCSIFNETMASK at the socket layer rather than pass them on to the link layer without validation or credential checks....</span>"
Download: FreeBSD-9.2-RC4-amd64-dvd1.iso (2,435MB, SHA256),
FreeBSD-9.2-RC4-i386-dvd1.iso (985MB, SHA256).