Porteus 2.1 RC2 发布,基于Slackware Linux的发行

jopen 8年前

Porteus是一份快捷的、便于携带的、模块化的自启动运行光盘及USB介质发行,它基于Slackware Linux。该发行始于一份Slax的社区改造版本(另一份基于Slackware的自启动光盘,但已不再维护),以KDE 3作为i486版本的缺省桌面,并以裁减过的KDE 4作为x86_64版本的桌面环境。此外还提供轻量级的LXDE可作为替代桌面环境。
Porteus 2.1 RC2 发布,基于Slackware Linux的发行
The second release candidate for Porteus 2.1, a Slackware-based mini-distribution with a choice of KDE, LXDE, MATE, Razor-qt and Xfce desktops, is ready for testing:

" The Porteus community is proud to announce Porteus 2.1 RC2 (Standard Desktop edition), as well as Porteus Kiosk edition 2.0.5. We've restructured our layout and users can now build their own custom Porteus</a>. We also offer standalone ISO image releases of five desktop environments (KDE 4, Razor-qt, Mate, Xfce and LXDE) for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. We've also put together prepackaged modules (i486 and x86_64) for Google Chrome, Opera, LibreOffice, AbiWord, and printing and scanning software, which can be dropped in place to get out-of-the-box functionality.</span>"

Read the full
release announcement for a detailed changelog.

Download links: Porteus-KDE4-v2.1-rc2-x86_64.iso (194MB), Porteus-LXDE-v2.1-rc2-x86_64.iso (140MB), Porteus-MATE-v2.1-rc2-x86_64.iso (188MB), Porteus-RazorQT-v2.1-rc2-x86_64.iso (191MB), Porteus-XFCE-v2.1-rc2-x86_64.iso (146MB).
Porteus 2.1 RC2 发布,基于Slackware Linux的发行