Java 3D图表制作库,Orson Charts 1.5 发布开源

admin 6年前

Orson Charts 1.5 发布,一个Java的3D图表库(可用于JavaFX, Swing 和服务器端应用),下载地址:

Java 3D图表制作库,Orson Charts 1.5 发布开源


28-Jan-2016 : Version 1.5

- added new LineXYZRenderer;
- added option to invert axes;
- fix exception when setting a new dataset using CategoryPlot3D.setDataset():
- fix direction of mouse wheel zooming in JavaFX;
- included FXGraphics2D version 1.3 as a dependency;
- updated OrsonPDF to version 1.7;
- updated JFreeSVG to version 3.0;
- added pom.xml for Maven builds;
- JavaFX demos brought up to match the Swing demos;
- various Javadoc improvements.

Orson Charts is Open Source software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.