jQuery EasyUI 1.4.4 发布

cnffe 8年前

jQuery EasyUI 1.4.4 发布了,下载地址:




  • filebox: The 'clear' and 'reset' methods do not work properly in IE9. fixed.(filebox:“clear”和“reset”方法在IE9下不正常,已修复。)

  • messager: After calling $.messager.progress() with no arguments, the $.messager.progress('close') does not work properly. fixed.(messager:不带参数调用“$.messager.progress()”后 “$.messager.progress('close')”不正常,已修复。)

  • timespinner: The value does not display properly in IE8 while clicking the spin buttons. fixed.(timespinner:在IE8下单击微调按钮时显示不正常,已修复。)

  • window: The window does not display when calling 'options' method in 'onMove' event. fixed.(window:在“onMove”事件中调用“options”方法时窗口不显示,已修复。)

  • treegrid: The 'getLevel' method does not accept the parameter value of 0. fixed.(treegrid:“getLevel”方法不接受0参数,已修改。)


  • layout: The 'collapsedContent','expandMode' and 'hideExpandTool' properties are supported in region panel.(layout:“collapsedContent”、“expandMode”和“hideExpandTool”属性支持局部面板。)

  • layout: The 'hideCollapsedContent' property can be set to display the vertical title bar on collapsed panel.(layout:在展开的面板中“hideCollapsedContent”属性可以设置以显示垂直标题栏。)

  • layout: Add 'onCollapse','onExpand','onAdd','onRemove' events.(layout:加入“onCollapse”、“onExpand”、“onAdd”、“onRemove”事件。)

  • datagrid: Display the 'up-down' icon on the sortable columns.(datagrid:在排序列显示“up-down”图标。)

  • datagrid: Add 'gotoPage' method.(加入“gotoPage”方法。)

  • propertygrid: Add 'groups' method that allows to get all the data groups.(propertygrid:加入“groups”方法允许获取全部数据分组。)

  • messager: Auto scroll feature is supported when displaying long messages.(messager:显示长消息时支持自动滚动特性。)

  • tabs: The 'disabled' property is supported when defining a disabled tab panel.(tabs:支持使用“disabled”属性定义禁用的标签面板。)

  • tabs: The percentange size is supported now.(tabs:现在支持百分比大小。)

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