MySQL Cluster (MySQL 集群) 7.1.17 发布

jopen 13年前
     <p>MySQL Cluster 是 MySQL 适合于分布式计算环境的高实用、高冗余版本。它采用了NDB Cluster 存储引擎,允许在1个 Cluster 中运行多个MySQL服务器。在MyQL 5.0及以上的二进制版本中、以及与最新的Linux版本兼容的RPM中提供了该存储引擎。(注意,要想获得MySQL Cluster 的功能,必须安装 mysql-server 和 mysql-max RPM)。<br /> <br /> MySQL Cluster 7.1.17 发布了,下载地址:</p>    <ul>     <li><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958187712476596069" target="_blank"></a></li>    </ul>    <p>改进记录:<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><br /> </span></p>    <p class="release-level">MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1.17 is a new release of MySQL Cluster, incorporating new features in the <a title="Chapter 16. MySQL Cluster NDB 6.X/7.X" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200148536297402"><code class="literal">NDBCLUSTER</code></a> storage engine and fixing recently discovered bugs in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1.16 and previous MySQL Cluster releases. </p>    <p><b>Obtaining MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1. </b> The latest MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 binaries for supported platforms can be obtained from <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200149274456926" target="_top"></a>. Source code for the latest MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 release can be obtained from the same location. You can also access the MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 development source tree at <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200149999833256" target="_top"></a>. </p>    <p>This release also incorporates all bugfixes and changes made in previous MySQL Cluster releases, as well as all bugfixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.1 through MySQL 5.1.56 (see <a title="D.1.5. Changes in MySQL 5.1.56 (01 March 2011)" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200150742282440">Section D.1.5, “Changes in MySQL 5.1.56 (01 March 2011)”</a>). </p>    <p><span class="bold"><strong>Functionality Added or Changed</strong></span></p>    <div class="itemizedlist">     <ul>      <li> <p>Introduced the <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200151476174510"><code class="literal">CrashOnCorruptedTuple</code></a> data node configuration parameter. When enabled, this parameter causes data nodes to handle corrupted tuples in a fail-fast manner—in other words, whenever the data node detects a corrupted tuple, it forcibly shuts down if <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200151476174510"><code class="literal">CrashOnCorruptedTuple</code></a> is enabled. For backward compatibility, this parameter is disabled by default. (Bug #12598636)</p> </li>     </ul>    </div>    <p><span class="bold"><strong>Bugs Fixed</strong></span></p>    <div class="itemizedlist">     <ul>      <li> <p>When a failure of multiple data nodes during a local checkpoint (LCP) that took a long time to complete included the node designated as master, any new data nodes attempting to start before all ongoing LCPs were completed later crashed. This was due to the fact that node takeover by the new master cannot be completed until there are no pending local checkpoints. Long-running LCPs such as those which triggered this issue can occur when fragment sizes are sufficiently large (see <a title="16.1.2. MySQL Cluster Nodes, Node Groups, Replicas, and Partitions" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200152893068671">Section 16.1.2, “MySQL Cluster Nodes, Node Groups, Replicas, and Partitions”</a>, for more information). Now in such cases, data nodes (other than the new master) are kept from restarting until the takeover is complete. (Bug #13323589)</p> </li>     </ul>    </div>    <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958200153624887509" target="_blank"></a></p>    <p> </p>