Python 集成开发环境IDE,Wing IDE 4.1.3 发布

jopen 11年前
     <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958191151865125498" target="_blank"><strong>WingIDE</strong> </a>是个 Python 集成开发环境。其编辑器包括大量语言的语法标签高亮显示,虽然它只是个面向 Python 的工具。源代码浏览器对浏览项目或模块非常实用(表现在可导航源代码和文档行摘要中)。</p>     <p>Wing IDE 4.1.3 改进内容如下:</p>     <pre>* 新增移动线和移动行的行编辑命令  * Added set-visit-history-anchor command to set a anchor in the visit history    to come back to  * Added copy-reference command to copy filename, line number(s), scope, and    optionally the current or selected lines to the clipboard  * Added experimental Eclipse style key binding  * Added Open From Project option to search only on the file name  * Added goto-overridden-method to goto the method overridden by the selected    method in the editor</pre>     <p><img style="width:552px;height:422px;" alt="Python 集成开发环境IDE,Wing IDE 4.1.3 发布," src="" /></p>    </div>