Apache PDFBox 2.0.0 RC1 发布

jopen 3年前



  • 从PDF提取文本
  • 合并PDF文档
  • PDF 文档加密与解密
  • 与Lucene搜索引擎的集成
  • 填充PDF/XFDF表单数据
  • 从文本文件创建PDF文档
  • 从PDF页面创 建图片
  • 打印PDF文档
Apache PDFBox 2.0.0 RC1 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


Apache PDFBox 2.0.0 RC1 发布,此版本包括大量的改进,bug 修复和重构。此版本的 API 被认为是稳定的,但是可能在最终版还会有些修改。



[PDFBOX-1869] - Implementation for ShadingType 1
[PDFBOX-1870] - PDFunctionType0 incorrect
[PDFBOX-2117] - AxialShadingContext is slow
[PDFBOX-2279] - Text with gradient not shown
[PDFBOX-2529] - Preflight: mention the page on which a problem has been found
[PDFBOX-2531] - better error message on not yet read stream
[PDFBOX-2535] - mention subtype in COSStream IOException
[PDFBOX-2536] - More specific TIFFFaxDecoder exceptions
[PDFBOX-2537] - do not discard underlying cause when creating validation error
[PDFBOX-2611] - possibly incorrect error message "Hexa String must have only
Hexadecimal Characters" in preflight
[PDFBOX-2612] - error "Destination contains invalid page reference 'null'" is
not detected by preflight
[PDFBOX-2613] - Conflicting /N information for OutputIntent not detected by
[PDFBOX-2614] - missing /Type/FontDescriptor not detected by preflight
[PDFBOX-2619] - XMP dates contain time zone, while document info dates do not,
and this isn't detected by preflight
[PDFBOX-2625] - Preflight error: The character with CID 0 should have a width
equals to 57.0, but has 57.78
[PDFBOX-2627] - Add block composer to handle multiline text
[PDFBOX-2630] - "loop in destinations" not detected by preflight
[PDFBOX-2647] - Check thumbnails in XMP metadata
[PDFBOX-2718] - Allow to create new AcroForm fields from scratch
[PDFBOX-2783] - Remove getCOSDictionary() method, adjust getCOSObject() return type
[PDFBOX-2849] - fix problems with setting existing AcroForm buttons
[PDFBOX-2863] - Support the comb flag for PDF forms
[PDFBOX-2877] - Wrong text placement for autosize fields compared to Adobe generated
[PDFBOX-2889] - Support appearance generation for choice fields
[PDFBOX-2900] - PDF Debugger doesn't print inline images correctly
[PDFBOX-2993] - Create a PDTransparencyGroup for added code clarity
[PDFBOX-2994] - Rename PDGroup to PDTransparencyGroupAttributes

Bug 修复

[PDFBOX-31] - bug with the Type3 font
[PDFBOX-37] - Text Extraction Weirdness
[PDFBOX-40] - Font problem when setting form value
[PDFBOX-53] - Problem getting value from PDRadioCollection
[PDFBOX-54] - please correct the SetField example
[PDFBOX-62] - Incorrect (zero) character widths returned in some docs
[PDFBOX-101] - ImportXFDF results in PDF with larger text fields
[PDFBOX-123] - too many space made in extracted text file
[PDFBOX-129] - Error when setting the value of a combo box to " "
[PDFBOX-159] - Field renaming character set problem
[PDFBOX-161] - java.util.EmptyStackException from PDFTextStripper.writeText
[PDFBOX-166] - ConvertColorSpace RGB to CMYK
[PDFBOX-198] - Tiff image problems
[PDFBOX-205] - Miscellaneous errors on valid files
[PDFBOX-239] - PDFToImage prints every word at the start of the line
[PDFBOX-283] - Character encoding/appearance issues when filling forms
[PDFBOX-297] - Printing fails
[PDFBOX-308] - Unknown encoding for 'UniJIS-UCS2-H'
[PDFBOX-317] - PDFont.getStringWidth() returns incorrect values
[PDFBOX-326] - TrueType and characterHorizontalDisplacement
[PDFBOX-412] - Failure to render PDFs with embedded fonts
[PDFBOX-427] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in drawString
[PDFBOX-447] - Image Convert Issue
[PDFBOX-451] - PDFImageWriter does not convert chinese PDF correctly
[PDFBOX-465] - invalid date formats
[PDFBOX-484] - Spaces, numbers and some letters not display correctly
[PDFBOX-488] - Invalid memory access of location 00000000 eip=968f5aa7 (MAC OS X)
[PDFBOX-490] - Pdf Printing of text from embedded fonts
[PDFBOX-501] - Open a trueType Font PDF, content become square box
[PDFBOX-538] - CryptographyException on Adobe Distiller generated file
[PDFBOX-587] - build script should support building without an internet connection
[PDFBOX-648] - PdfBox can't be buit from behind a firewall/proxy
[PDFBOX-649] - loading an fdf containing a file attachment throws IOException
[PDFBOX-657] - PDFToImage does not work with certain fonts (for eg. PDF
documents created by MS Office and OpenOffice)
[PDFBOX-664] - Incorrect rendering of Slovak language PDF
[PDFBOX-677] - Lines not showing in PrintPDF print-out (Table borders and SVG
[PDFBOX-723] - Our test hangs with custom pdf file on operation
[PDFBOX-725] - Text extraction fails due to font problem with Type0,
supplement-0 font
[PDFBOX-728] - Text extracted from a TeX-created PDF file comes in some form of
hex encoding
[PDFBOX-778] - OutOfMemory when extracting text from pdf
[PDFBOX-785] - Spliting a PDF creates unnecessarily large files
[PDFBOX-823] - NullPointerException in
[PDFBOX-833] - Wrong encoding with Type1C font when specific encoding is defined
[PDFBOX-837] - Wrong RevisionNumber when disabling all permissions and using
128bit encryption
[PDFBOX-877] - processOperator breaks contract - never throws IOException
[PDFBOX-904] - Potential issue with COSString and UTF-16-encoded Strings.
[PDFBOX-905] - NullPointerException when writing pdf to image
[PDFBOX-923] - pdf gets messed up when updated with xfdf data
[PDFBOX-924] - Image not getting rendered correctly..
[PDFBOX-932] - Swedish characters are garbled in form
[PDFBOX-934] - ImageToPDF.createPDFFromImage causes problems for certain TIFF inputs
[PDFBOX-940] - [pdmodel.font.PDFont] Error: Could not parse predefined CMAP file
for 'PDFXC-Indentity0-0'
[PDFBOX-965] - Printing of PDF with embedded OTF/TTF fonts is not working
[PDFBOX-984] - When create images from PDF File with characters from PT-BR it´s
printing wrong
[PDFBOX-988] - pdmodel.font.PDSimpleFont hanging on TrueType font (ubuntu)
[PDFBOX-989] - Scale Pdf: Fit to Printable Area
[PDFBOX-1002] - Form field not rendered after being processed by pdfbox-1.1.0,
wrong position of same field in pdfbox-1.5.0
[PDFBOX-1007] - Maven performs textual filtering of binary resources [patch]
[PDFBOX-1019] - PDF conversion to image crashes the JVM
[PDFBOX-1020] - Can't read embedded font YDLRUT+ArialMT
[PDFBOX-1036] - FDFExport/Import gives strange results
[PDFBOX-1058] - Converting PDF to Image gives error and the image generated is
of poor quality
[PDFBOX-1060] - convertToImage includes "ghost" annotation outlines
[PDFBOX-1069] - Ubuntu throws exceptions when fonts missing
[PDFBOX-1071] - Can not generate chinese character PDF file
[PDFBOX-1074] - TIFFFaxDecoder5 when using PDFImageWriter
[PDFBOX-1086] - Error when decoding CCITT compressed data that contains EOLs,
fill bits etc.
[PDFBOX-1087] - FDF parsing is unreliable when xref are missing
[PDFBOX-1107] - PDF created by Bullzip PDF Printer / www.bullzip.com / Freeware
Edition shows weird characters
[PDFBOX-1109] - Data corruption related to scratch file use
[PDFBOX-1134] - fontbox not decoding font correctly for all characters
[PDFBOX-1147] - Printing a PDF with an image inside show black.
[PDFBOX-1148] - PDF with embedded fonts (Identity-H) not print.
[PDFBOX-1152] - Gets scrambled japanese text while reading a PDF file
[PDFBOX-1155] - setSuppressDuplicateOverlappingText sometimes removes characters
that it shouldn't
[PDFBOX-1164] - Inline image parsing error causes RuntimeException + FIX
[PDFBOX-1206] - TrueType glyphs render incorrectly
[PDFBOX-1207] - PDFPageProcessor.processStream() take 10 minutes to return
[PDFBOX-1219] - org.apache.jempbox.impl.DateConverter unable to parse correct
date value
[PDFBOX-1231] - AcroForm appearance generator
[PDFBOX-1234] - NPE at
[PDFBOX-1242] - Handle non ISO-8859-1 chars with drawString
[PDFBOX-1250] - CFF to Type1 Font conversion is missing/corrupting the font metrics
[PDFBOX-1268] - OutOfMemory Error because of huge colors
[PDFBOX-1273] - java.io.IOException: Error: Unknown annotation type null
[PDFBOX-1276] - java.lang.NullPointerException on trying to set value for
PDTextBox in pdf file.
[PDFBOX-1278] - PDF file containing PDCIDFontType0 (PDType1CFont) does not
render correctly to image
[PDFBOX-1282] - Unicode characters displayed with wrong glyps because of
interpretation as 8 bit strings
[PDFBOX-1283] - Unicode characters displayed with wrong Advance
[PDFBOX-1292] - Rendering of certain documents results in large tracts of blank
space - even though contents can be extracted
[PDFBOX-1296] - Warnung: Changing font on < > from <AMAKEA+TimesNewRoman> to the
default font
[PDFBOX-1301] - Wrong characters in HTML/TXT file from PDF containing scanned
[PDFBOX-1302] - Got ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in parsing a Chinese ttf file.
[PDFBOX-1304] - Text extraction meets "Could not parse predefined CMAP" and
returns just a small part of the content containing garbage chars.
[PDFBOX-1307] - extracted images from a PDF sometimes come out inverted
[PDFBOX-1321] - PDF rendered as black box
[PDFBOX-1325] - Converting page to png creates an empty image
[PDFBOX-1332] - Some inline font is can not parsed out
[PDFBOX-1336] - JVM Crashes on Linux OS + Sun JVM + PDFBox
[PDFBOX-1342] - Tags not fully preserved when merging PDFs.
[PDFBOX-1348] - ExtractImages jpg and tiff picture from pdf but color wrong
[PDFBOX-1351] - False paragraph caused by superscript (1.7 regression)
[PDFBOX-1372] - NullPointerException with loadDescriptorDictionary
[PDFBOX-1391] - Document with "embedded subset" fonts is displayed incorrect
[PDFBOX-1403] - Retrieve FontDescription from descendant font
[PDFBOX-1405] - Non-Ascii chars are not decoded correctly by pdfbox but works
fine with pdftotext
[PDFBOX-1412] - NullPointerException when getting fields from a PDF file
[PDFBOX-1413] - Spaces replaced by é when exporting image
[PDFBOX-1414] - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in fontmanager.dll
[PDFBOX-1419] - PDField.setValue is not behave correctly
[PDFBOX-1426] - JVM crashes when trying to process the attached pdf's
[PDFBOX-1435] - text is obscured by the Images
[PDFBOX-1442] - bar chart converted from PDF is totally a black area.
[PDFBOX-1452] - Greek Pdfs print out wrong characters
[PDFBOX-1466] - Rendering of pattern colorspace fails
[PDFBOX-1474] - PDDocument.decrypt does not throws InvalidPasswordException
[PDFBOX-1478] - Problem with printing landscape document
[PDFBOX-1506] - Incorrect visualization of PDF document via PageDrawer
[PDFBOX-1511] - pdfMerger App produces Garbage
[PDFBOX-1512] - TextPositionComparator is not compatible with Java 7
[PDFBOX-1533] - When merging certain PDF's several odd looking empty pages occur
in the result
[PDFBOX-1541] - expected='endstream' actual='' failure to parse
[PDFBOX-1550] - Helv vs. Helvetica font names cause PDField.setValue to fail
[PDFBOX-1570] - PDFImageWriter creates black boxes for some images in the pdf
[PDFBOX-1574] - ImportFDF fails to do anything
[PDFBOX-1576] - StackOverflowError [COSDictionary.toString(COSDictionary.java:1418)]
[PDFBOX-1585] - org.apache.pdfbox.util.PDFTextStripper.getText() causes thread
to block indefinitely
[PDFBOX-1595] - PDFMerger failed with the following exception:
[PDFBOX-1604] - FontBox is not storing all subroutines for CID-Keyed OTF CFF
fonts possibly leading to rendering / width issues
[PDFBOX-1606] - NonSequentialPDFParser produces garbage text in document info
[PDFBOX-1607] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDFParser
[PDFBOX-1608] - Rendering problem with Java 7 update 21
[PDFBOX-1617] - Null pointer exception
[PDFBOX-1618] - Split PDF file to single page files, some files are inflated in size
[PDFBOX-1620] - Missing text in pdf reader view
[PDFBOX-1622] - TextNormalize init not thread-safe, may lead to infinite loop
[PDFBOX-1625] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at writing PDF file
[PDFBOX-1627] - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
[PDFBOX-1628] - Type 3 Fonts are not processed by PDPage.createImage
[PDFBOX-1629] - Null PointerException
[PDFBOX-1630] - An interesting Exception error
[PDFBOX-1631] - Group Exception
[PDFBOX-1632] - Exception with validation
[PDFBOX-1633] - DateConverter needs to work
[PDFBOX-1637] - Faulty documentation of PDStream.getInputStreamAsString()
[PDFBOX-1638] - PDCcitt doesn't use color space
[PDFBOX-1639] - Infinite loop with PDFParser used by tika.
[PDFBOX-1642] - NPE when parsing XMP schema definition with "closed Choice"
value type
[PDFBOX-1643] - Check for missing validation processes does not work properly in
[PDFBOX-1651] - PDFBox doesn't read the permission bits correct.
PDDocument.getCurrentAccessPermission().canPrint() is allways returning true
irrespective of the document print permissions
[PDFBOX-1653] - Fix pdfbox eating up big chunks of memory for identical CID mappings
[PDFBOX-1654] - Wasted work in XMLUtil.getNodeValue
[PDFBOX-1655] - Wasted work (or incorrect behavior) in
[PDFBOX-1657] - glyph contours missing
[PDFBOX-1658] - TTC fonts not supported for substitution
[PDFBOX-1659] - Preflight 2.0.0 doesn't properly identify PDFs with encryption
[PDFBOX-1660] - Error 6.2.4 results in description that looks more like the one
belonging to 6.2.3
[PDFBOX-1663] - Hello World using a TrueType font ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[PDFBOX-1664] - NullPointerException in PDType1Font.java
[PDFBOX-1666] - Missing StemV font descriptor entry when embedding AFM fonts
[PDFBOX-1668] - Loading a Russian PDF never finishes
[PDFBOX-1670] - Printing pages rotated by 180 degrees is not working
[PDFBOX-1671] - Error printing document
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 346
[PDFBOX-1672] - Some characteres are missing after print thru PDFBox
[PDFBOX-1674] - Preflight doesn't correctly parse PDF if obj identifier not
followed by line terminator
[PDFBOX-1678] - Convert to image problem
[PDFBOX-1679] - java.io.IOException: Error: Expected an integer type, actual='f'
[PDFBOX-1681] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Color parameter outside of
expected range: Red
[PDFBOX-1683] - 2.0 build fails
[PDFBOX-1688] - File with embedded subset renders no text
[PDFBOX-1689] - Partial failure to render PDF
[PDFBOX-1691] - "Foreign" characters are not rendered
[PDFBOX-1692] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
[PDFBOX-1694] - Bug in org.apache.pdfbox.io.Ascii85InputStream
[PDFBOX-1696] - Bug in org.apache.pdfbox.io.Ascii85OutputStream
[PDFBOX-1699] - Problem with generate jpg from pdf
[PDFBOX-1705] - can not Write Hebrew and Chinese word into a PDF
[PDFBOX-1708] - IndexOutOfBoundsException on convertToImage with an embedded
[PDFBOX-1713] - [PATCH] Bullet character not rendered
[PDFBOX-1714] - Merging PDFs results in java.io.IOException: expected='R' actual='0'
[PDFBOX-1717] - Rendering to image has misplaced characters
[PDFBOX-1718] - wrong glyphs displayed
[PDFBOX-1719] - NPE while signing PDF - acroform without fields
[PDFBOX-1724] - Method createColorModel not implemented for PDCalGray
[PDFBOX-1725] - Character rendered at wrong position
[PDFBOX-1727] - Content outside the MediaBox should not be rendered
[PDFBOX-1730] - Image in PDF has extremely different colors when rendered
[PDFBOX-1733] - Rectangles have one rounded edge in rendered image only
[PDFBOX-1735] - Convert page pdf to image
[PDFBOX-1737] - Skip whitespaces when resolving a XRef
[PDFBOX-1740] - Umlaut not rendered correctly in TTF composite glyph
[PDFBOX-1741] - [PATCH] Text should be in italic but is rendered upright
[PDFBOX-1742] - type1CFont font with null encoding
[PDFBOX-1743] - OutOfMemoryError in fontbox
[PDFBOX-1749] - Out of memory exception when parsing TTF file
[PDFBOX-1750] - PDTextbox and PDAnnotationWidget are not correct initialized
from it's own constructor .
[PDFBOX-1752] - Rendering PDF containing Jpeg2000 fails
[PDFBOX-1753] - The font gets gibbrish when adding a line of text to an existing
PDF with a table
[PDFBOX-1754] - Preflight doesn't detect JavaScript for some PDFs
[PDFBOX-1756] - ClassCastException CosString cannot be cast to COSName
[PDFBOX-1758] - Preflight doesn't report Filespec dictionary that refers
(indirectly) to an EmbeddedFile entry in some cases
[PDFBOX-1760] - Regressions 28 Oct 2013
[PDFBOX-1763] - Exception caused by "Invalid ICC Profile Data"
[PDFBOX-1764] - PDFBox takes ages to render page 2 of the attached PDF
[PDFBOX-1765] - Null pointer exception in PDFToImage
[PDFBOX-1768] - cannot build last source code
[PDFBOX-1770] - ExtractText gets all "?" when pdf 's font is instance of PDType1Font
[PDFBOX-1771] - Cannot render FOP pdf with subsetted OTF CFF for both standard
and CID-Keyed fonts
[PDFBOX-1773] - Regression? Type 3 Fonts are not processed by
[PDFBOX-1774] - StackOverflowError; Preflight->Font
[PDFBOX-1776] - Print pdf with font embedded(SimSun TrueType(CID) Identity-H)
[PDFBOX-1777] - memory leak in org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSDocument
[PDFBOX-1778] - Rounding issue in generated PDF file
[PDFBOX-1780] - previous revision is damaged after signing
[PDFBOX-1789] - NullPointerException at PDPageContentStream.setFont
[PDFBOX-1790] - NPE during PDTrueTypeFont.loadTTF() on Mac TrueType font lacking
Windows-platformID CMAPEncodingEntry
[PDFBOX-1791] - Type3 glyphs with partial black background
[PDFBOX-1794] - Rendering Problem with Type 3 Fonts
[PDFBOX-1796] - Infiniteloop BaseParser.java:1010
[PDFBOX-1799] - NullPointerException when constructing a PDJPeg using a
[PDFBOX-1801] - xmp serializer does not generate valid xml for structured types
[PDFBOX-1802] - COSDictionary in COSArray setDirect(true) but dic written indirect
[PDFBOX-1804] - PDFTextStripper Issue related to word positions not correctly
being parsed
[PDFBOX-1808] - PDFTextStripper.getText - hight memory usage
[PDFBOX-1810] - PDFToImage: Image of pdf is resized and drawn multiple times at
top of output image
[PDFBOX-1811] - java.io.IOException: Object at offset does not end with 'endobj'
[PDFBOX-1812] - Illegal characters in XML output
[PDFBOX-1813] - Stack overflow error in Main (no output file produced)
[PDFBOX-1814] - In some cases PDPage converttoimage is extremely slow
[PDFBOX-1818] - Push back buffer is full error
[PDFBOX-1819] - Rendering problem with JPX image
[PDFBOX-1822] - Signature byte range is Invalid
[PDFBOX-1824] - [PATCH] CFF fonts render wrong glyphs
[PDFBOX-1825] - [PATCH] Many pdfbox tests are never run
[PDFBOX-1829] - PDF Extract Image Pixelmap Issue
[PDFBOX-1830] - Grey background rectangle rendered at different position
[PDFBOX-1831] - [PATCH] Fix: "Foreign" characters are not rendered
[PDFBOX-1845] - PDDocument.load() give Error: Expected a long type at offset 1633
[PDFBOX-1849] - Isartor test 6-3-5-t01-fail-a does not return the expected error
[PDFBOX-1860] - HTML converter escapes formatting close tags
[PDFBOX-1861] - Line is incorrectly dashed
[PDFBOX-1862] - Incomplete signature creation (regression in 1.8.3 with PDFBOX-1780)
[PDFBOX-1864] - Non-embedded fonts not detected (or are they?)
[PDFBOX-1865] - RenderUtil - rendering blank pages as images from PDF
[PDFBOX-1868] - Garbled / distorted fonts during PDF to image conversion on
recent versions
[PDFBOX-1871] - Content appears a few px higher when rasterizing PDF
[PDFBOX-1872] - PDMetadata.exportXMPMetadata fails when Metadata has encrypted
[PDFBOX-1874] - PDFTextStripper.isParagraphSeparation(...)
[PDFBOX-1875] - Image and some text missing in rendered file
[PDFBOX-1876] - Incorrect color for DeviceN type 4 shading object
[PDFBOX-1877] - Radial Shading (type 3) fails Ghent Workgroup tests
[PDFBOX-1879] - Gibberish characters when converting pdf to image
[PDFBOX-1880] - [PATCH] Type 1 Shading must not ignore current transformation matrix
[PDFBOX-1882] - Negative array size exception when reading a string from a OTF font
[PDFBOX-1884] - Avoid NPE when encountering null PDComplexFileSpecification
[PDFBOX-1887] - Bugfixes + Optimization of Gouraud Shading
[PDFBOX-1888] - JBIG2Filter is creating an ImageInputStream (with temp file) and
not closing it
[PDFBOX-1892] - Empty pages after rendering images:
[PDFBOX-1895] - Type0 settings /Registry and /Ordering are not decrypted when
writing document
[PDFBOX-1896] - Support MMType1 (Multiple Master) Fonts
[PDFBOX-1900] - ConvertToImage - pdf - checkbox wrongly rendered
[PDFBOX-1901] - null check confusing
[PDFBOX-1908] - Drop shadow is too heavy (Transparency Groups)
[PDFBOX-1910] - Text rendered as question marks
[PDFBOX-1911] - Orange background from the pdf gets turned into blue in the png
[PDFBOX-1916] - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in inlineimage
[PDFBOX-1917] - Rendering hangs
[PDFBOX-1918] - PDF with incorrect startxref
[PDFBOX-1922] - NonSequentialParser not reading version in header and trailer
[PDFBOX-1924] - Gouraud shading: detect empty triangles
[PDFBOX-1925] - DeviceCMYK Colorspace: PDFToImage gives wrong output
[PDFBOX-1928] - PDResources.getFonts() and PDresources.getXObjects() change
underlying COSDictionary
[PDFBOX-1929] - Drop shadow on text appears as a box
[PDFBOX-1930] - TimesNewRoman font should be substituted
[PDFBOX-1931] - Radial shading is missing
[PDFBOX-1934] - converttoimage error and part of the pdf is not rendered
[PDFBOX-1940] - Faulty pdf->image rendering
[PDFBOX-1942] - Regression: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in shading
[PDFBOX-1944] - Regression: NPE in test file
[PDFBOX-1945] - Regression: NPE with inline image
[PDFBOX-1948] - Regression: page renders mostly empty, text missing
[PDFBOX-1950] - Inline image mask does not mask
[PDFBOX-1953] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in
[PDFBOX-1954] - Regression: Some lines are too small / too long
[PDFBOX-1955] - Regression: Colors much lighter
[PDFBOX-1961] - Page with annotations renders fine with 1.8 but not with 2.0
[PDFBOX-1965] - NPE in NonSequentialPDFParser when parseMinimal property is set
to true
[PDFBOX-1966] - Type 1, 4 and 5 shadings for shFill()
[PDFBOX-1969] - JPEGFactory bug
[PDFBOX-1977] - LZWFilter fails
[PDFBOX-1978] - Type1FontUtilTest is non-deterministic
[PDFBOX-1979] - TypeTestingHelper is non-deterministic
[PDFBOX-1980] - TestCOSFloat is non-deterministic
[PDFBOX-1981] - CryptographyException for file that isn't encrypted
[PDFBOX-1983] - Unable to add TIF images, CCITTFactory not working
[PDFBOX-1984] - PDFont documentation correction needed for getFontWidth and
[PDFBOX-1988] - PDFBox ExtractText issue of PDF with no embedded fonts
[PDFBOX-1992] - text in pdf with convertToImage not rendered
[PDFBOX-1993] - Gray color images much lighter
[PDFBOX-1995] - AdobePDFSchema.getProducer() returns empty string
[PDFBOX-1997] - CIE LAB item missing in rendering
[PDFBOX-1999] - JBIG2Filter - FlateDecoded Globals Table
[PDFBOX-2000] - White page when converting first page to image
[PDFBOX-2001] - Digital Signature information (parser bug?)
[PDFBOX-2005] - JDK 1.8 build fails in TestTTFParser
[PDFBOX-2007] - Performance regression since PDFRenderer
[PDFBOX-2008] - Off-by-one error in BaseParser.readGenerationNumber()
[PDFBOX-2009] - PDFStreamEngine.processEncodedText incorrectly handling UTF-16
text with BOM FEFF
[PDFBOX-2015] - Hybrid reference pdf still contain XRefStm info in the trailer
dictionary afterPDDocument#save
[PDFBOX-2016] - Stream parsing still incorrect if length value is wrong
[PDFBOX-2020] - PDF/A Validation raises NullPointerException for PDFs without
[PDFBOX-2021] - PDFPrinter problem with landscape and rotated pages
[PDFBOX-2022] - silentPrint(no args) doesn't use the printerJob field
[PDFBOX-2023] - Text extraction gets zero font height for type3 fonts
[PDFBOX-2024] - /Rotate 180 PDF is not displayed correctly in PDFReader app
[PDFBOX-2026] - cannot load jpg into new pdf
[PDFBOX-2032] - [PATCH] TTF Type12 IOException: Invalid Characters codes
[PDFBOX-2035] - Ignore badly formatted toUnicode CMaps
[PDFBOX-2036] - Add test with LZW fail sequence
[PDFBOX-2037] - Glyph in type1CFont not rendered
[PDFBOX-2038] - Method VisualSignatureParser#parse does not close COSDocument
[PDFBOX-2042] - ColorSpace with empty Range array
[PDFBOX-2044] - TrueType glyphs not displayed in rendering
[PDFBOX-2045] - Merging PDFs with a Form has no effect
[PDFBOX-2046] - [PATCH] Can't read the embedded Type1 font
[PDFBOX-2047] - read operations alter PDLab object
[PDFBOX-2050] - Add predictor to LZW filter
[PDFBOX-2054] - Remove System.out.println()
[PDFBOX-2057] - Importing BufferedImage into PDPixelMap is broken in 1.8.5
[PDFBOX-2058] - The text of pdfs using Type1C can't be extracted correct
[PDFBOX-2062] - Setting a PDFFormField's value with a specific font size causes
the font size to change on click
[PDFBOX-2063] - Incomplete EOF detection in ASCIIHexFilter
[PDFBOX-2065] - Missing getCOSObject() in PDCalRGB
[PDFBOX-2067] - Error creating JPEG image with SMask
[PDFBOX-2070] - Filter.decode() modifies PDF if there is a filter array
[PDFBOX-2072] - Wrong calculation of space char width in PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-2073] - PDF files with unusual Japanese font can not be rewrite correctly
[PDFBOX-2074] - 4-bytes CMap entry causes exception
[PDFBOX-2079] - Extra new line characters extracted in 1.8.5 for embedded files
leading to ZipFile exception in Java 1.6
[PDFBOX-2082] - signing corrupts PDF when signature exactly fits allocated space
[PDFBOX-2091] - Some characters are not rendered (font with symbol encoding)
[PDFBOX-2095] - Useless memory allocation in GlyfDescript
[PDFBOX-2098] - Gouraud shading doesn't appear
[PDFBOX-2100] - Gouraud shading doesn't work with function
[PDFBOX-2101] - Surprising memory consumption when extracting images
[PDFBOX-2102] - Characters swallowed on COSString.getString()
[PDFBOX-2103] - JPXFilter fails to decode some Jpeg2000 images
[PDFBOX-2106] - getSuffix() returns null for RLE encoding
[PDFBOX-2108] - Type0 CFF Font with identity encoding rendered incorrectly
[PDFBOX-2109] - CFFParser uses String constructor without encoding
[PDFBOX-2110] - Font not found: CourierNew
[PDFBOX-2111] - Cast error in Gouraud shadings
[PDFBOX-2114] - ObjStm is being processed to late
[PDFBOX-2115] - Use unfiltered stream in gouraud shadings
[PDFBOX-2120] - Regression: Type 1 font corrupted
[PDFBOX-2122] - FontBox's TTFDataStream doesn't set timezone in
[PDFBOX-2128] - CMYK images are not supported correctly
[PDFBOX-2133] - Parsing of a Type1 font fails with a NumberFormatException
[PDFBOX-2134] - Parsing of a Type1 font fails with a NPE
[PDFBOX-2140] - non embedded Type1 symbol glyph not rendered
[PDFBOX-2141] - Shading not applied to text
[PDFBOX-2147] - Clean up code with "inspect and transform"
[PDFBOX-2153] - Setting the correct clipping path for shading
[PDFBOX-2155] - Fix JavaDocs warnings
[PDFBOX-2156] - different shading patterns at different resolutions when ctm is null
[PDFBOX-2160] - PDFTextStripper doesn't always write paragraph start
[PDFBOX-2163] - inline image with EI in the middle incorrectly parsed
[PDFBOX-2166] - AIOOBE with barcode ttf font
[PDFBOX-2168] - Different behavior of Undo feature when form was pre filled by
[PDFBOX-2170] - java.lang.ClassCastException:
org.apache.fontbox.cff.CharStringCommand cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
[PDFBOX-2171] - UnsupportedOperationException for stencil image / pattern
[PDFBOX-2173] - Nullpointer when validating empty file
[PDFBOX-2176] - Ignore IllegalArgumentException when reading an ICCProfile
[PDFBOX-2177] - [PATCH] IndexOutOfBoundsException reading embedded OpenType font
[PDFBOX-2178] - Invalid color space kind: COSName{DeviceGray}
[PDFBOX-2179] - Regression: Some isartor tests are not passing in 2.0.0
[PDFBOX-2181] - Regression: NPE in PreflightContentStream
[PDFBOX-2183] - COSArray cannot be cast to COSNumber
[PDFBOX-2184] - CMMException: Invalid profile data
[PDFBOX-2185] - Rotation and skew not applied on rectangles
[PDFBOX-2186] - java.io.IOException: Catalog cannot be found
[PDFBOX-2187] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TIFFFaxDecoder
[PDFBOX-2188] - java.io.IOException: Expected a name or array but got:
COSObject{1823, 0}
[PDFBOX-2189] - java.awt.geom.IllegalPathStateException: missing initial moveto
in path definition
[PDFBOX-2191] - Identity function not implemented
[PDFBOX-2192] - "unknown command" in Type1CharString.handleCommand
[PDFBOX-2193] - ClassCastException in PDExtendedGraphicsState.getFontSetting()
[PDFBOX-2194] - Refactor predictor
[PDFBOX-2195] - Missing text when converting PDF to image
[PDFBOX-2198] - ClassCastException in COSArrayList.convertIntegerCOSArrayToList
for font widths
[PDFBOX-2199] - Found Token[kind=NAME, text=dup] but expected begin
[PDFBOX-2200] - Memory leak with org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font.PDFont#cmapObjects
[PDFBOX-2201] - getKeywords returns null although keywords are present
[PDFBOX-2202] - java.io.IOException: Found Token[kind=NAME, text=readonly] but
expected def
[PDFBOX-2203] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: alpha value out of range
[PDFBOX-2204] - Indexed color space in JPX
[PDFBOX-2206] - Cannot save a document which has been closed
[PDFBOX-2207] - Stream parsing still incorrect if length value is wrong
[PDFBOX-2212] - OutOfMemoryError in GlyfCompositeDescrip
[PDFBOX-2214] - EmptyStackException in PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-2215] - NPE in PDTrueTypeFont.makeFontDescriptor
[PDFBOX-2216] - java.io.IOException: Found Token[kind=NAME, text= ] but expected
LITERAL for type1 font
[PDFBOX-2217] - Matrix transform ignored in axial and radial shadings (in
PDFToImage output)
[PDFBOX-2221] - Text is pink
[PDFBOX-2222] - NPE in PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-2225] - ClassCastException in PDFMergerUtility.appendDocument
[PDFBOX-2227] - java.io.IOException: Found Token[kind=NAME, text= ] but expected
LITERAL for type1 font
[PDFBOX-2228] - LZW EarlyChange parameter isn't supported
[PDFBOX-2229] - NPE in GlyfCompositeDescript.getPointCount
[PDFBOX-2234] - [PATCH] Invalid Color space preflight error on Java 8
[PDFBOX-2237] - java.io.IOException: Image stream is empty for inline image
[PDFBOX-2240] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException PDImageXObject.applyMask
[PDFBOX-2241] - IOException: Expected INTEGER or REAL but got NAME
[PDFBOX-2243] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: negative dash phase
[PDFBOX-2244] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in callothersubr
[PDFBOX-2245] - java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in
[PDFBOX-2247] - Regression in text extraction between 1.8.5 and 1.8.6
[PDFBOX-2251] - NoSuchElementException when reading cmap format 4 subtable
[PDFBOX-2256] - Text size renders wrong
[PDFBOX-2257] - BufferedInputStream wrapped in BufferedInputStream
[PDFBOX-2261] - Extremely long hang during getFields() on a few PDF files
[PDFBOX-2265] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDICCBased.loadICCProfile
[PDFBOX-2266] - NPE when converting page to image
[PDFBOX-2267] - IOException and partial rendering and colorspace creation error
[PDFBOX-2268] - AES-256 decryptions fails
[PDFBOX-2270] - PDField.getFullyQualifiedName() returns name adding suffix '.null'
[PDFBOX-2271] - Potential NPE in PDAppearanceString.java
[PDFBOX-2275] - ClassCastException in PDResources
[PDFBOX-2278] - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Call
to processSubStream() before processStream() or initStream()
[PDFBOX-2280] - Text not italic
[PDFBOX-2281] - Yellow box shown
[PDFBOX-2283] - Incorrect transform for annotations / appearance streams
[PDFBOX-2284] - NullPointerException in PDFieldTreeNode
[PDFBOX-2285] - debugLogMetadata doesn't log
[PDFBOX-2287] - [PATCH] COSStream loses contents in setFilters()
[PDFBOX-2291] - Differences in Overlay stamping between version 1.8.2 and 1.8.6
[PDFBOX-2292] - Saving of decrypted version of password protected document gives
an error
[PDFBOX-2293] - NonSequential parser gives an error
[PDFBOX-2295] - Checkboxes missing
[PDFBOX-2296] - Wrong stream length
[PDFBOX-2298] - Wrong scaling of embedded type 1 font
[PDFBOX-2299] - Isartor tests don't work anymore
[PDFBOX-2300] - Glyphs rendered at wrong position
[PDFBOX-2301] - RandomAccessBuffer consumes too much memory.
[PDFBOX-2304] - square glyphs missing
[PDFBOX-2306] - Error reading stream, expected='endstream' actual='endobj'
[PDFBOX-2307] - NPE in TrueTypeFont.getWidth
[PDFBOX-2309] - UnsupportedOperationException: not implemented: missing CFF
[PDFBOX-2310] - codeToGID NPE
[PDFBOX-2311] - color space 'COSName{DefaultRGB}' does not exist in the current
page's resources
[PDFBOX-2312] - IllegalArgumentException: Built-in Encoding required for
symbolic font
[PDFBOX-2313] - ExtractImages finds never-rendered images
[PDFBOX-2314] - Restore backward compatibility between Overlay and OverlayPDF
[PDFBOX-2315] - Found Token[kind=NAME, text=ND] but expected ND
[PDFBOX-2317] - ZapfDingbats should use its own glyph list
[PDFBOX-2318] - NPE in new DomXmpParser when no type is found
[PDFBOX-2319] - Date Converter needs to handle miliseconds and other formats
[PDFBOX-2320] - IOException: Could not read embedded TTF for font TimesNewRoman
[PDFBOX-2323] - More flexible image caching (OOM)
[PDFBOX-2324] - Failure to render DeviceN image
[PDFBOX-2325] - Failure to render OpenType (TrueType)
[PDFBOX-2326] - IllegalArgumentException: Use PDType1CFont for FontFile3
[PDFBOX-2327] - Glyph list ligatures are decomposed too early
[PDFBOX-2330] - Typo on usage message; "PDFDBox" instead of "PDFBox"
[PDFBOX-2332] - Error reading stream, expected='endstream' actual='endstream8'
at offset 1993
[PDFBOX-2334] - codeToGID NPE
[PDFBOX-2338] - IllegalStateException: recursive definition
[PDFBOX-2339] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when type1 font is empty
[PDFBOX-2342] - WriteDecodedDoc cant decrypt pdf form correctly
[PDFBOX-2343] - Giving NullPoint exception when we call
PDType1Font.HELVETICA_BOLD.getStringWidth("Some String")
[PDFBOX-2344] - NegativeArraySizeException in radial shading
[PDFBOX-2345] - IndexOutOfBoundsException reading encrypted pdf
[PDFBOX-2347] - NPE while creating security handler for decryption
[PDFBOX-2350] - Type1 Parser hangs indefinitely
[PDFBOX-2351] - /XRefStm content missing in saved file
[PDFBOX-2352] - NegativeArraySizeException in HorizontalMetricsTable.read
[PDFBOX-2355] - newDocuments is private in Splitter
[PDFBOX-2356] - Error Validating PDF Archive Document with half hour timezone
[PDFBOX-2357] - PDTrueTypeFont has no method to load font from stream
[PDFBOX-2358] - ExternalFonts uses classloader of class in font-box
[PDFBOX-2360] - PDFont had methods removed
[PDFBOX-2363] - wrong color in rendering
[PDFBOX-2364] - CCITT image renders incorrectly
[PDFBOX-2365] - NPE with file with PDFDocEncoding
[PDFBOX-2367] - Ligature glyph widths wrong
[PDFBOX-2372] - Trash Glyphs: Regressions 19.9.2014
[PDFBOX-2373] - Rendering at 72 dpi crashes java
[PDFBOX-2376] - Small regression in text extraction with PDFBox 1.8.7 vs. 1.8.6
[PDFBOX-2379] - glyphlist_ext is not OSGI compatible
[PDFBOX-2380] - Glyphlist .properties are not ordered
[PDFBOX-2381] - BaseParser - IOException: Push back buffer is full
[PDFBOX-2383] - PDFBox tests include copyright files
[PDFBOX-2384] - ExtractText should default to UTF-8
[PDFBOX-2385] - inline image with EI at the end incorrectly parsed
[PDFBOX-2390] - PDExtendedGraphicsState is incorrectly named
[PDFBOX-2395] - Signing PDF document changes documentID
[PDFBOX-2396] - Comment on
`org.apache.pdfbox.util.Splitter.createNewDocumentIfNecessary` is out of date
[PDFBOX-2399] - font.getFontDescriptor() for PDType1Font.HELVETICA is null
[PDFBOX-2401] - Image has wrong colors after Merge
[PDFBOX-2402] - NonSequentialPDFParser cannot recover from spurious closing brackets
[PDFBOX-2403] - false negative? "Font damaged, The FontFile can't be read"
[PDFBOX-2405] - false negatives: Invalid Font definition, Some required fields
are missing from the Font ... ?
[PDFBOX-2406] - fix typo "AlpaConstant"
[PDFBOX-2407] - false negative: 2.4.3 : Invalid Color space, The operator "f"
can't be used without Color Profile ?
[PDFBOX-2408] - false negative? 1.2.1 : Body Syntax error, Single space expected ...
[PDFBOX-2409] - got the wrong result from Arabic text extraction
[PDFBOX-2411] - Pushback buffer is full on seamingly small PDF
[PDFBOX-2412] - Loading XFDF document fails with ClassCastException
[PDFBOX-2413] - Loaded FDF document returns null fields
[PDFBOX-2415] - java.lang.ClassCastException:
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font.PDType1CFont cannot be cast to
[PDFBOX-2416] - xmp regression? 7.3 : Error on MetaData, Cannot find a
definition for the namespace http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/t/pg/
[PDFBOX-2417] - xmp regression? 7.3 : Error on MetaData, Schema is not set in
this document : http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/sType/Dimensions#
[PDFBOX-2418] - xmp regression? 7.3 : Error on MetaData, Schema is not set in
this document : http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/g/img/
[PDFBOX-2419] - XFDF export is not XML compliant
[PDFBOX-2421] - Poor text extraction and rendering of file with non embedded
type1 font
[PDFBOX-2422] - PDFont.getStringWidth results in stackoverflow
[PDFBOX-2424] - ClassCastException in getMetaData if no real meta data
[PDFBOX-2426] - Make ExternalFonts.getProvider public
[PDFBOX-2428] - An error occured when reading table hmtx
[PDFBOX-2429] - Times New Roman rendered as Arial
[PDFBOX-2433] - PDFPrinter does not print Acroform fields
[PDFBOX-2434] - ClassCastException in readVersionInTrailer
[PDFBOX-2436] - Parsing error
[PDFBOX-2437] - PDFont isSymbolic() has unexpected return value
[PDFBOX-2439] - [PATCH] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in multithreaded system
[PDFBOX-2441] - Improve XRef self healing mechanism when more than one xref table
[PDFBOX-2445] - Out of Memory - Extract text for Apache_Solr_4.7_Ref_Guide.pdf
[PDFBOX-2447] - "Cannot save a document which has been closed" when encrypting
[PDFBOX-2448] - ligatures and some glyphs missing
[PDFBOX-2453] - Building on OpenJDK throws javax.imageio.IIOException
[PDFBOX-2455] - NonSequentialParser does not tolerate missing %%EOF markers
[PDFBOX-2457] - LogFactory is intialized with a wrong class
[PDFBOX-2458] - Signing doesn't work anymore using BC 1.51 instead of 1.50
[PDFBOX-2460] - fix TestPublicKeyEncryption.java
[PDFBOX-2462] - NullPointerException in <init>(PDFStreamParser.java:109)
[PDFBOX-2465] - NPE in PdfaExtensionHelper.populateSchemaMapping
[PDFBOX-2466] - 2.4 : Invalid Color space, Unable to read default color space :
Missing color space: DefaultRGB
[PDFBOX-2469] - javax.crypto.BadPaddingException in PDFBox 1.8.8-SNAPSHOT
[PDFBOX-2470] - Exception in PDDocument.addSignature(PDSignature sigObject,
SignatureInterface signatureInterface, SignatureOptions options))
[PDFBOX-2471] - AES encryption failing to write Acroform field names and values
[PDFBOX-2477] - NPE in DomXmpParser.createProperty
[PDFBOX-2478] - NPE in XObjImageValidator.checkColorSpaceAndImageMask
[PDFBOX-2479] - NPE in PDICCBased.getColorSpaceType
[PDFBOX-2481] - Adding large TYPE_BYTE_BINARY image to pdf document generates
distorted result
[PDFBOX-2483] - StackOverflowError in preflight
[PDFBOX-2484] - Cannot decrypt AES256 encrypted files with nonSeq parser
[PDFBOX-2485] - IllegalArgumentException in TypeMapping.instanciateSimpleProperty
[PDFBOX-2486] - ClassCastException in preflight: PDNonTerminalField cannot be
cast to PDField
[PDFBOX-2487] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Type1CharString
[PDFBOX-2488] - NPE in FontValidator.isSubSet in preflight
[PDFBOX-2489] - StackOverflowError in PDSimpleFont.isFontSymbolic
[PDFBOX-2490] - Return value of COSDocument#isEncrypted is unclear
[PDFBOX-2491] - NPE in PDFAIdentificationValidation.checkConformanceLevel()
[PDFBOX-2492] - Java 8u25 IllegalBlockSizeException decrypting pdf
[PDFBOX-2495] - Black shapes in the background of some rendered pages of some PDFs
[PDFBOX-2496] - PNG filesize is larger
[PDFBOX-2498] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PreflightParser.lastIndexOf
[PDFBOX-2499] - EOF and NPE in PDType1CFont.getFontMatrix
[PDFBOX-2500] - ClassCastException in StreamValidationProcess.checkFilters
[PDFBOX-2501] - Page render without barcode
[PDFBOX-2502] - false negative? 1.4.6 : Trailer Syntax error, ID is different in
the first and the last trailer
[PDFBOX-2503] - false negative? 1: 7.2 : Error on MetaData, Producer present in
the document catalog dictionary doesn't match with XMP information
[PDFBOX-2504] - ClassCastException in preflight: PDAnnotationWidget cannot be
cast to PDField
[PDFBOX-2505] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDColor constructor
[PDFBOX-2507] - Annotation example not rendered to image
[PDFBOX-2509] - Korean Text font substitution issues
[PDFBOX-2513] - false negative? RuntimeException: EOL encountered in white run
[PDFBOX-2517] - Better error message on pdfA identification
[PDFBOX-2519] - Regression: Box color missing
[PDFBOX-2520] - Don't decrypt already decrypted pdfs
[PDFBOX-2521] - Don't throw IOException if stream length is missing in lenient mode
[PDFBOX-2523] - IOException: Error: Expected a long type at offset 1218571,
instead got 'xref'
[PDFBOX-2525] - Overlay: data black & white after import
[PDFBOX-2526] - Arial black not black
[PDFBOX-2527] - IOException: Negative seek offset in NonSequentialPDFParser
[PDFBOX-2528] - IOException: Object must be defined and must not be compressed
object: 0:0
[PDFBOX-2533] - Poor rendering with non-sequential parser
[PDFBOX-2540] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Type1Parser.parseASCII
[PDFBOX-2541] - ClassCastException in BaseParser.parseCOSDictionaryValue
[PDFBOX-2542] - IllegalArgumentException: root must be of type Pages
[PDFBOX-2543] - ClassCastException in PDFontDescriptor.getFontFile2
[PDFBOX-2546] - IllegalArgumentException: resourceDictionary is null in PDFMerger
[PDFBOX-2549] - TIFF-Predictor with 16 bits per component not supported
[PDFBOX-2550] - ClassCastException in PDAnnotation.getColour
[PDFBOX-2552] - Blank rendering when negative page rotation
[PDFBOX-2553] - CalRGB colors different
[PDFBOX-2557] - Yellow text not using heavy font
[PDFBOX-2559] - TTF font cannot be loaded
[PDFBOX-2560] - Arial Truetype CID font rendering incorrect
[PDFBOX-2561] - Rendering of PDIndexed line incorrect
[PDFBOX-2563] - [PATCH] Use cmap for Type0/TTF fallback
[PDFBOX-2569] - COSNumber fails to parse numbers like "+018" in JRE <= 1.6
[PDFBOX-2570] - ClassCastException in PDCalGray: COSFloat cannot be cast to COSArray
[PDFBOX-2571] - IllegalStateException: Not a CIDFont
[PDFBOX-2572] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CmapSubtable.processSubtype12
[PDFBOX-2573] - IllegalStateException: PDFBox bug: encoding should not be null!
[PDFBOX-2579] - Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: Error: Expected
a long type at offset 1029, instead got '12688(Deleted'
[PDFBOX-2582] - Form fields missing entirely or incorrect in PDField list
[PDFBOX-2583] - Error when rendering a PDF with annotations
[PDFBOX-2586] - IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 16
when decrypting with padded cipher
[PDFBOX-2588] - Text fields if initialy empty in AcroForms do not contain a
COSName.V in its dictionary and therefore does not get rendered.
[PDFBOX-2595] - Pdfbox always sets the second part of documentID to the same value
[PDFBOX-2598] - IllegalArgumentException in CFFParser.readCharset
[PDFBOX-2599] - failure to render file with utf8 CID TT fonts
[PDFBOX-2601] - fix getHashObjectIdentifier in TSAClient
[PDFBOX-2605] - Multiple text operations on page cause NPE in TTFSubsetter
[PDFBOX-2606] - Support OS with no fonts
[PDFBOX-2607] - Failed reading embedded Font
[PDFBOX-2608] - false negative on pdf/A validation?
[PDFBOX-2615] - IllegalArgumentException in PDPageTree constructor: root cannot
be null
[PDFBOX-2616] - JVM crashes while trying to convert PDF to JPG image (only on
[PDFBOX-2617] - Group of Button fields treated as a Radio Button group
[PDFBOX-2620] - Support named actions
[PDFBOX-2621] - Files created with CreatePDFA.java are not PDF/A-1b
[PDFBOX-2622] - PDAnnotationLink::getBorderStyle() don't understand external
border style
[PDFBOX-2629] - PDAnnotation should not use PDGamma for colors
[PDFBOX-2632] - Lost output when mixing subset and non-subset of the same font
[PDFBOX-2634] - Multiple text operations on multiple pages cause NPE in TTFSubsetter
[PDFBOX-2635] - PrintImageLocations outputs utter nonsense
[PDFBOX-2636] - Colorspaces of annotations not treated correctly
[PDFBOX-2640] - Fields within a fields kids entry are not correctly recognized
[PDFBOX-2641] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDType1Font constructor
[PDFBOX-2646] - A text including single-quote is malformed with Embedded TTF font
[PDFBOX-2649] - Character widths incorrect in a loaded font
[PDFBOX-2650] - Type1Equivalent: TrueType must use 'cmap' when 'post' table is empty
[PDFBOX-2651] - Preflight doesn't check for valid destination syntax
[PDFBOX-2652] - Document Outlines (Bookmark) and Link Annotation validation do
not validate /Dest item
[PDFBOX-2653] - Image extraction fails with attached PDF
[PDFBOX-2654] - NullPointerException when reading a GIF file with a transparent
[PDFBOX-2655] - PDCIDFontType2Embedder.buildCIDSet() ArrayOutOfBounds
[PDFBOX-2656] - Trailer isn't written when signing a PDF
[PDFBOX-2660] - Text missing
[PDFBOX-2664] - PDDocumentInformation shouldn't throw IOException
[PDFBOX-2665] - PDType1Font (HELVETICA) encode getting NullPointerException
[PDFBOX-2667] - StandardSecurityHandler should throw InvalidPasswordException
[PDFBOX-2668] - intersectClippingPath does a shallow copy
[PDFBOX-2675] - PDOutlineNode.getParent uses /P item as fallback for /Parent
[PDFBOX-2676] - PDPageLabelRange.setLabelItem() should not allow negative startPage
[PDFBOX-2677] - Negative Outlines COUNT and various issues
[PDFBOX-2678] - possible NPE in ExtractText tool of trunk
[PDFBOX-2679] - Blank page rendered with wrong xref start objid
[PDFBOX-2687] - ClassCastException when trying to get OutputIntents or add to it
[PDFBOX-2693] - OutOfMemoryError at
[PDFBOX-2698] - PDFToImage IndexOutOfBoundsException
[PDFBOX-2702] - Merging PDFs created using "Nuance PDF Create" not possible
[PDFBOX-2704] - PDPageTree.indexOf doesn't find page numbers
[PDFBOX-2708] - PDDocument.removePage() deletes the last page regardless of
parameter passed
[PDFBOX-2711] - Japanese text not extracted
[PDFBOX-2713] - Preserve the origin pdf version when splitting a pdf
[PDFBOX-2714] - Type1Fonts working on one computer, not another
[PDFBOX-2715] - Pages in a PDF being dropped with just an error-log message
[PDFBOX-2717] - Keep type and subtype for PDWidgetAnnotation created from field
[PDFBOX-2719] - The addSignature() method always set the visual signature on the
last page of the PDF
[PDFBOX-2720] - Can't sign PDF document with forms or annotations
[PDFBOX-2723] - PDFBox*.tmp files not deleted by COSParser
[PDFBOX-2724] - Importing a XFDF file doesn't populate the field value
[PDFBOX-2726] - org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSArray cannot be cast to
[PDFBOX-2728] - java.awt.geom.IllegalPathStateException: missing initial moveto
in path definition
[PDFBOX-2730] - PDFSplit slow and keeps unused pages
[PDFBOX-2733] - Nullpointer exception in PDFXrefStreamParser.parse
[PDFBOX-2734] - Can't create PDF with DeviceN colorspace
[PDFBOX-2739] - Saving merged documents causes IOException
[PDFBOX-2741] - IndexOutOfBoundsException when calling
[PDFBOX-2745] - PDPageXYZDestination zoom property can't be set lower than 100%
[PDFBOX-2746] - PDPageContentStream.saveGraphicsState() saves wrong
nonStrokingColor and throws an exception
[PDFBOX-2747] - pdfbox: garbled japanese txt output
[PDFBOX-2750] - Rendering in poor quality in 2.0 but not in 1.8.*
[PDFBOX-2759] - NPE in BaseParser.parseCOSDictionaryValue() due to object
reference in content stream
[PDFBOX-2760] - NPE in MoveText.process()
[PDFBOX-2767] - ClassCastException in PDDocument.addSignature
[PDFBOX-2769] - NPE when saving encrypted file
[PDFBOX-2771] - COSString encodes Euro sign wrongly
[PDFBOX-2772] - EI token lost for rewrite
[PDFBOX-2773] - ClassCastException in PDDocumentCatalog.java:339
[PDFBOX-2774] - Can't encode Euro with WinAnsiEncoding
[PDFBOX-2778] - PDF to Image conversion fails with "Invalid code word encountered"
[PDFBOX-2781] - Opening pdf document after encrypting it with PDFBox throws
[PDFBOX-2786] - PDPageDestination page index off by one
[PDFBOX-2789] - TTF encoding issues
[PDFBOX-2792] - Text extraction ignores bookmarks
[PDFBOX-2793] - /Dests dictionary isn't supported
[PDFBOX-2794] - UnsupportedOperationException: not supported for Type 3 fonts
[PDFBOX-2795] - PrintRequestAttributeSet is being ignored
[PDFBOX-2797] - PDJavascriptNameTreeNode does not support dictionaries
[PDFBOX-2798] - PDTextStream does not support UTF16 with BOM
[PDFBOX-2799] - PDOptionalContentProperties.setGroupEnabled not working
[PDFBOX-2801] - SecurityHandler does not tolerate plain-text COSString
[PDFBOX-2802] - TestFontEmbedding sometimes fails due to non-determinism
[PDFBOX-2803] - NullPointerException into class PDType0Font
[PDFBOX-2808] - Can't merge to files with bookmarks
[PDFBOX-2811] - Infinite loop within RandomAccessBuffer
[PDFBOX-2812] - NPE in PDColorSpaceFactory.createColorSpace with PDICCBased
[PDFBOX-2814] - Text not rendered in mode 7
[PDFBOX-2819] - invalid ICC Profile when reading from a byte array
[PDFBOX-2822] - infinite loop of searching for a key in PDResources
[PDFBOX-2824] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GlyfSimpleDescript.readFlags()
when multithreading
[PDFBOX-2826] - Mouse position shown when mouse outside of PDFReader window
[PDFBOX-2829] - PDBox 2.0 Throws IndexOutOfBoundsException (severe offset errors
as well)
[PDFBOX-2830] - Can't draw color border around a PDTextBox + create example
[PDFBOX-2832] - Remove obsolete methods from fontbox's Encoding
[PDFBOX-2833] - Add an API to get the COSObjectKey of a given object
[PDFBOX-2834] - Violation in PDOutputIntent.getDestOutputProfile() method
[PDFBOX-2836] - COSName should be interpreted as UTF-8
[PDFBOX-2837] - PDFBox creates files with EBCDIC code on z/OS
[PDFBOX-2843] - widthOfSpace() appears wrong in TextPosition
[PDFBOX-2844] - Printing has bigger margins than expected
[PDFBOX-2845] - Error parsing PDF
[PDFBOX-2846] - setValue failing with font issues.
[PDFBOX-2847] - mergeDocumentsNonSeq does not utilize scratchFile
[PDFBOX-2851] - getExportValue() non functional in PDRadioButton
[PDFBOX-2856] - Markedly slower processing for particular file in 2.0.0-trunk vs
[PDFBOX-2862] - GlyphList doesn't appear to be thread safe in trunk...or user error?
[PDFBOX-2867] - Correct use of Float.NaN
[PDFBOX-2868] - NPE in Acroform getValueAsString
[PDFBOX-2869] - Corruption in ScratchFileBuffer
[PDFBOX-2871] - Performance issue when filling the first PDTextField of an AcroForm
[PDFBOX-2872] - Matrix.toCOSArray() has constant return
[PDFBOX-2875] - Type 1 fonts are embedded incorrectly
[PDFBOX-2876] - Better support for embedding of simple TrueType fonts
[PDFBOX-2881] - Radial and Axial shading steps are calculated incorrectly
[PDFBOX-2884] - NPE in FontMapper.getFont()
[PDFBOX-2885] - NPE in PDNonTerminalField.getChildren()
[PDFBOX-2886] - "IllegalArgumentException root cannot be null" in 2.0.0 for file
that was parsed in 1.8.x
[PDFBOX-2887] - NPE in PDFXrefStreamParser in 2.0 trunk
[PDFBOX-2896] - XMPBox not creating valid "title" entry in DublinCoreSchema in trunk
[PDFBOX-2898] - Incorrect key for color space in PDGroup
[PDFBOX-2899] - Text not rendered in mode 7 (2)
[PDFBOX-2901] - High CPU load and OutOfMemoryError when rendering shading
[PDFBOX-2904] - IndexOutOfBoundsException in CFFType1Font.getType2CharString()
[PDFBOX-2906] - NullPointerException in PDFStreamEngine.showText
[PDFBOX-2908] - PDFTextStripper.writeText is slow
[PDFBOX-2909] - NullPointerException when rendering shading with no function
[PDFBOX-2911] - Merge does not close input streams
[PDFBOX-2916] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CmapSubtable.processSubtype6
[PDFBOX-2924] - ClassCastException when doing PDFSplit
[PDFBOX-2927] - Print with PrintRanges printRequestAttribute causing document to
be cropped
[PDFBOX-2929] - "Illegal instruction: 4" with PDFToImage
[PDFBOX-2930] - PDFPageable does not rotate portrait document with 90°/270°
rotation well
[PDFBOX-2932] - NPE in PDSignature.getValuesAsString() when field contains no value
[PDFBOX-2935] - Problem while extracting font from PDFontSetting (used in
[PDFBOX-2937] - Field duplication in PDIndexed color space
[PDFBOX-2939] - PDFRenderer.renderImageWithDPI exception with certain PDFs
[PDFBOX-2946] - Symbol glyphs not aligned
[PDFBOX-2948] - NPE in PDStream.createInputStream
[PDFBOX-2949] - Rendering to ARGB brings black background
[PDFBOX-2951] - quotedbl causes NullPointerException
[PDFBOX-2956] - PDFontDescriptor doesn't contain method getCIDSet.
[PDFBOX-2958] - TIFF-Predictor with 1 bit per component not supported
[PDFBOX-2959] - type3 font glyphs overlapped
[PDFBOX-2960] - ClassCastException when pattern name is indirect object
[PDFBOX-2961] - Checkbox with multiple widgets doesn't reflect check() state.
[PDFBOX-2965] - NPE in PDAcroForm.getField() if the /Fields entry is missing
[PDFBOX-2969] - RandomAccessBuffer clone is broken for non-default chunk size
[PDFBOX-2971] - CalGray white rendered as cyan
[PDFBOX-2972] - Exception when RenderingIntent value is not one of the predefined.
[PDFBOX-2982] - fix ClassCastExceptions in operator methods
[PDFBOX-2985] - Potential NPE in PDMarkedContent#getMCID()
[PDFBOX-2986] - Potential resource leak in TTFParser's use of RAFDataStream
[PDFBOX-2989] - LZW decode filter shouldn't throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
[PDFBOX-2990] - PDDocument.load fails to load a PDF document.
[PDFBOX-2992] - Add .gitignore
[PDFBOX-2995] - PDAcroForm getDefaultAppearance throws NPE if DA is not defined
[PDFBOX-3002] - PDF files not closed after load fails
[PDFBOX-3003] - Incorrect color space processing for inline images
[PDFBOX-3005] - Incorrect property names for lists
[PDFBOX-3008] - Memory leak in preflight
[PDFBOX-3010] - SignatureOptions object must not be closed before calling
saveIncremental in trunk's CreateVisibleSignature example
[PDFBOX-3012] - PDAcroForm flatten() throws ClassCastException
[PDFBOX-3013] - Incorrect accordance between attributes and properties
[PDFBOX-3014] - ZapfDingbats not finding a substitute in Windows 8.1 Pro
[PDFBOX-3019] - Unwanted spaces in text extraction
[PDFBOX-3021] - Class Cast Exception: COSString -> COSName
[PDFBOX-3022] - Maven repos should be https
[PDFBOX-3025] - Test case for unwanted spaces in text extraction
[PDFBOX-3027] - Incorrect enumeration of conformances for PDFAIdentificationSchema


[PDFBOX-193] - Getting tiff - PDCcitt.TiffWrapper object
[PDFBOX-408] - Optional logger calls could be added to COSDocument & PDJpeg when
an error occurs.
[PDFBOX-678] - Support missing Text Rendering Modes when rendering a PDF
[PDFBOX-870] - PDF-To-IMAGE output is not anti-aliased
[PDFBOX-996] - need to insert a child as the first child of an outline but you
can only append to the outline.
[PDFBOX-1083] - PDType0Font incomplete
[PDFBOX-1094] - Pattern colorspace support
[PDFBOX-1167] - PDFStreamEngine#processSubStream should throw original
IOException instead of RuntimeException + FIX
[PDFBOX-1182] - Create a module for the commandline tools
[PDFBOX-1213] - Adding style information to the PDF to HTML converter
[PDFBOX-1270] - Change internal page resolution to float everywhere
[PDFBOX-1329] - Update PDPage to enum
[PDFBOX-1356] - Support lucene 3.6.0
[PDFBOX-1384] - Proposals for a new PDNameTreeNode and PDNumberTreeNode
[PDFBOX-1402] - Improve handling of multiline text boxes
[PDFBOX-1444] - Capability to use custom PageDrawer in PDPage.convertToImage
[PDFBOX-1503] - Double logging of exceptions
[PDFBOX-1523] - Manifest should support Specification entries
[PDFBOX-1543] - Remove the ReplaceString example
[PDFBOX-1564] - Extending COSName to produce PDF/A with correct OutputIntents
[PDFBOX-1566] - reduce duplicated code and add caching to pdpagenode
[PDFBOX-1587] - Update the dependency on Bouncy Castle to 1.48
[PDFBOX-1591] - Resources should implement java.io.closeable
[PDFBOX-1594] - Add support for AES256 Encryption
[PDFBOX-1596] - OverlayPDF logic should be moved into a library class
[PDFBOX-1613] - The ability to inject the time/random component into the
COSWriter process to write a PDF document allows some advanced signature
creation scenarios where the signature is generated on a separate server that
does not hold the full PDF document.
[PDFBOX-1645] - [PATCH] Improved the accuracy of the bounding box for each
rendered CFF glyph
[PDFBOX-1648] - FontBox can't load CMaps with no spaces between tokens
[PDFBOX-1656] - Enable PDFMergeUtility to merge Encrypted PDFs
[PDFBOX-1665] - Replace external glyphlist.txt with our onw implementation
[PDFBOX-1667] - org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.graphics.color.PDOutputIntent throws
Exception while it can throw IOException instead
[PDFBOX-1669] - Update the dependency on Bouncy Castle to 1.49
[PDFBOX-1687] - add dispose() in pdfbox\pdmodel\PDPage.convertToImage()
[PDFBOX-1690] - Add description to embedded file
[PDFBOX-1695] - Improve pdfbox tests
[PDFBOX-1698] - Remove the print and the convertToImage stuff from PDPage and
[PDFBOX-1702] - Performance improvement in PDPageContentStream.drawString
[PDFBOX-1707] - Add dispose() when done with graphics
[PDFBOX-1720] - BouncyCastle 1.49: ambigous constructor usage
[PDFBOX-1734] - ImageIoUtil.WriteImage doesn't work with tiff images
[PDFBOX-1738] - PDF with parsing IOException
[PDFBOX-1739] - Load document error for two RegisSTAR documents
[PDFBOX-1744] - Be resilient to PDFs with missing version info
[PDFBOX-1782] - Add getMaxLength() and setMaxLength() methods to PDTextbox
[PDFBOX-1784] - Update parent pom/rat plugin version
[PDFBOX-1798] - Performance problem with PDDocument.saveIncremental (when
signing document)
[PDFBOX-1815] - Suggestion: close files in COSStream
[PDFBOX-1820] - Suggestion: close streams in PDIndex and PDJpeg
[PDFBOX-1828] - Remove not needed CMaps
[PDFBOX-1833] - BaseParser tidy up
[PDFBOX-1834] - Remove old Overlay implementation
[PDFBOX-1836] - Use the latest dependencies
[PDFBOX-1839] - PDFImageWriter default BufferedImage type makes output colors
look poor
[PDFBOX-1840] - Automatically load isartor for preflight tests
[PDFBOX-1844] - [PATCH] Parser for Type 1 Fonts
[PDFBOX-1847] - TSA Time Signature
[PDFBOX-1850] - Speed up TestImageIOUtils
[PDFBOX-1851] - [PATCH] Improved CMYK color space conversion
[PDFBOX-1852] - [PATCH] Alternative patch to speed up TestImageIOUtils
[PDFBOX-1854] - Include AFM files for Core 14 fonts
[PDFBOX-1889] - Remove the ConvertColorspace class
[PDFBOX-1890] - Merge PdfDecompressor and WriteDecodedDoc
[PDFBOX-1891] - Remove the ant module
[PDFBOX-1893] - Refactor color spaces
[PDFBOX-1897] - There are some errors within the source code documentation
[PDFBOX-1902] - generics added to maputil
[PDFBOX-1903] - refactor pdmodel (pdpage)
[PDFBOX-1905] - Remove the PDPage reference from PageDrawer/PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-1906] - Don't use a src subdirectory as output directory for a test case
[PDFBOX-1909] - Close open streams
[PDFBOX-1914] - Shading package: Move "function" methods to base class and more
[PDFBOX-1915] - Implement shading with Coons and tensor-product patch meshes
[PDFBOX-1941] - Refactor PageDrawer operators
[PDFBOX-1943] - Move pdfbox-tools to its own package
[PDFBOX-1959] - Remove AWT Fonts
[PDFBOX-1962] - Refactor the packages in the core pdfbox module
[PDFBOX-1963] - PDFImageWriter doesn't make use of PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-1964] - PDFMergerUtility support merging using non sequential parser
[PDFBOX-1972] - WrappedIOException no longer needed in Java 1.6
[PDFBOX-1973] - Exception Refactoring (Don't wrap Exceptions with
[PDFBOX-1976] - DocumentEncryption and PDFEncryption are deprecated and should
be removed
[PDFBOX-1982] - Standardise AcroForm Fields
[PDFBOX-1985] - Replace List with List<T> in PDDocument and PDPageNode
[PDFBOX-1986] - Move SecurityHandler to PDEncryptionDictionary
[PDFBOX-1989] - Save LZW and other encoded PDImageXObject resources
[PDFBOX-1990] - Support creating PDF from lossless encoded images
[PDFBOX-1991] - Shading PaintContexts should not depend on the page height
[PDFBOX-2002] - Show deprecation in the build / fix deprecated calls / delete
longtime deprecated stuff
[PDFBOX-2034] - TestFilters is non-deterministic
[PDFBOX-2039] - Class PDDocument should implement java.io.Closeable
[PDFBOX-2051] - PDFPrinter does not use getPageable()
[PDFBOX-2052] - PDFCloneUtility does not handle COSStreamArray
[PDFBOX-2066] - RubberStampWithImage should support more image types
[PDFBOX-2068] - Add filter parameter to PDImageXObject(document, filteredStream)
[PDFBOX-2071] - Insert inline image in page content stream
[PDFBOX-2088] - Support Bouncycastle 1.50
[PDFBOX-2094] - Add PrintRequestAttributeSet parameter to silentPrint()
[PDFBOX-2097] - Remove pdfbox-war subproject
[PDFBOX-2099] - Improve handling and writing of header and trailer versions
[PDFBOX-2104] - Implement transparency groups
[PDFBOX-2105] - Support for multipage TIFFs in CCITTFactory, makes PDFBox
capable of doing tiff2pdf
[PDFBOX-2107] - Make PDFBox XMP library agnostic
[PDFBOX-2113] - Update documentation to reflect the requirement for JBIG2 decoders
[PDFBOX-2118] - Remove ICU4J dependency
[PDFBOX-2123] - Optimize reading of 1-bit depth images in SampleImageReader
[PDFBOX-2126] - Optimize clipping
[PDFBOX-2127] - Optimize calls of getPixel in SampledImageReader and PDImageXObject
[PDFBOX-2129] - Add PDFBox version to the title
[PDFBOX-2131] - Avoid constructing debug messages if debug log is off
[PDFBOX-2132] - Provide a pluggable exception handler to PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-2136] - Use the Type1Parser to extract the encoding
[PDFBOX-2144] - Provide a pluggable font manager
[PDFBOX-2146] - remove unused imports / fix imports
[PDFBOX-2148] - Handle the Fully Qualified Name of duplicate fields better
[PDFBOX-2149] - Font Refactoring
[PDFBOX-2151] - Replace log4j with commons logging
[PDFBOX-2152] - Unable to print the PDF with Acrobat shrink to fit print
[PDFBOX-2157] - Remove AFMFormatter
[PDFBOX-2174] - Suppress the Dock icon on OS X
[PDFBOX-2196] - [PATCH] Type safety in PDNameTreeNode and PDNumberTreeNode via
[PDFBOX-2205] - (Graphics) Operator Refactoring
[PDFBOX-2220] - [PATCH] Differences array without BaseEncoding (Type1C)
[PDFBOX-2239] - Add missing values to PDComplexFileSpecification
[PDFBOX-2250] - Improve XRef self healing mechanism
[PDFBOX-2262] - Remove usage of AWT fonts
[PDFBOX-2269] - Support for AES-256 Rev. 5 Decryption (Acrobat 9)
[PDFBOX-2294] - Improve vertical text drawing as an experiment
[PDFBOX-2302] - Make better use of RenderingHints
[PDFBOX-2303] - Lazy loading of glyphs in TrueType fonts
[PDFBOX-2328] - Give PDColor access to its underling PDColorSpace
[PDFBOX-2329] - add toString method to PDRange
[PDFBOX-2333] - Overhaul the appearance generation for PDF forms
[PDFBOX-2362] - Remove .properties file usage in PDFStreamEngine
[PDFBOX-2366] - Improve high-level font APIs
[PDFBOX-2370] - Move caching outside of PDResources
[PDFBOX-2374] - Make JavaDocs for trunk builds available via our website
[PDFBOX-2386] - Move operators and content streams out of "pdfbox.util"
[PDFBOX-2387] - ImageIOUtil, JPEGUtil, TIFFUtil and MetaUtil are not needed in
[PDFBOX-2388] - Move printing classes into top-level "printing" package
[PDFBOX-2389] - Move Encoding classes into "font" package
[PDFBOX-2391] - Use an enum for RenderingIntent
[PDFBOX-2392] - PDPropertyList belongs in "markedcontent" package
[PDFBOX-2394] - Add example code to extract embedded files in annotations
[PDFBOX-2414] - Allow non-sequential parser for PDFMerger in app
[PDFBOX-2423] - Page tree handling needs rewriting
[PDFBOX-2430] - Make the non-sequential parser the default parser
[PDFBOX-2440] - xref stream is saved as table
[PDFBOX-2444] - Add radial shading example
[PDFBOX-2452] - Continuous log "Nonsymbolic Type 0 font: SNCFYS+ARStdKai"
[PDFBOX-2456] - create TestSymmetricKeyEncryption.java
[PDFBOX-2459] - Share functionality between Page Tree and Field Tree
[PDFBOX-2461] - Clear Checkstyle errors in source
[PDFBOX-2464] - Document crypto build dependencies
[PDFBOX-2467] - "Arial,Bold" always substituted with "Helvetica-Bold"
[PDFBOX-2468] - Switch FDFDocument.load from PDFParser to NonSequentialParser
[PDFBOX-2473] - Remove the CopyDoc example
[PDFBOX-2474] - Remove the direct usage of PDFParser
[PDFBOX-2515] - Improve the non sequential parser to be used when signing a pdf
[PDFBOX-2516] - Further align AcroForms and Fields PDModel with PDF specification
[PDFBOX-2530] - Improve PDFDebugger
[PDFBOX-2565] - Subset embedded TTF fonts
[PDFBOX-2566] - Remove logging from operator classes
[PDFBOX-2580] - Decouple implementation specific forms handling from
interactive.form PD Model
[PDFBOX-2587] - PDF takes minutes to convert (sRGB)
[PDFBOX-2591] - Allow using custom Filters
[PDFBOX-2592] - Allow sharing of COS objects between different documents
[PDFBOX-2594] - Set default params in JBIG2Filter
[PDFBOX-2597] - Provide easier access to AcroForm field tree
[PDFBOX-2600] - Remove old parser
[PDFBOX-2623] - PDFPrinter.getPrintable returns Pageable instead of PDFPageable
for easier extending
[PDFBOX-2628] - XmpSerializer will never throw XmpSerializationException
[PDFBOX-2645] - Open PDF file from byte array without temp file
[PDFBOX-2669] - Make internal PageDrawer font classes package-private
[PDFBOX-2670] - Move orphaned COSObjectKey class
[PDFBOX-2680] - Move multi-pdf classes from util into their own package
[PDFBOX-2683] - Remove SignatureInterface dependency from COSDocument
[PDFBOX-2689] - Implement page transitions
[PDFBOX-2695] - Iterate PDOutlineNode children
[PDFBOX-2700] - support JPEG color space code 11 (JCS_YCCK)
[PDFBOX-2703] - Remove javacc generated PDFParser from preflight
[PDFBOX-2707] - Remove redundant IOUtils.closeQuietly
[PDFBOX-2716] - Use saveIncremental() method on a document opened with an
InputStream does not work
[PDFBOX-2727] - Cache color space instances
[PDFBOX-2735] - Keyboard shortcuts in PDFReader
[PDFBOX-2736] - First page and last page navigation with keyboard shortcuts in
[PDFBOX-2744] - Add validation check for setNonStrokingColor and setStrokingColor
[PDFBOX-2748] - Recent files in PDF reader
[PDFBOX-2753] - Improve rendering of filled thin lines
[PDFBOX-2758] - Support additional annotation types when importing XFDF files
[PDFBOX-2764] - Allow setting extended graphics state in PDPageContentStream
[PDFBOX-2777] - Create convenience method to create an XImage object
[PDFBOX-2782] - Enhance toString() output for AcroForm fields
[PDFBOX-2791] - Provide access to Type 1 font data
[PDFBOX-2806] - The 'kern' table type is not supported.
[PDFBOX-2807] - The vertical layout table types 'vhea', 'vmtx', 'VORG' are not
[PDFBOX-2838] - Please make PDPageContentStream non-final
[PDFBOX-2841] - Make it easier to work with RadioButton Groups
[PDFBOX-2842] - Overhaul font substitution
[PDFBOX-2865] - Downgrade logging "Using last-resort fallback for x font" to
warn in 2.0.0?
[PDFBOX-2870] - Use animal sniffer maven plugin to detect non java 6 api usage
[PDFBOX-2878] - Align annotation and form public API
[PDFBOX-2880] - Allow Type 1 embedding without AFM file
[PDFBOX-2882] - Improve performance when using scratch file
[PDFBOX-2883] - Unify memory handling
[PDFBOX-2888] - setAllSecurityToBeRemoved(true) before calling protect() should
have no effect
[PDFBOX-2892] - Invisible signature annotation violates PDF/A
[PDFBOX-2893] - Simplify COSStream encoding and decoding
[PDFBOX-2894] - Remove COSStreamArray / SequenceRandomAccessRead
[PDFBOX-2905] - Replace PDFReader with PDFDebugger
[PDFBOX-2922] - Printing issues with landscape pages
[PDFBOX-2928] - Add numPages parameter of Book in Printing.printWithPaper example
[PDFBOX-2933] - Drop ant build including .NET build support
[PDFBOX-2943] - PDType3Font.getWidthFromFont not supported
[PDFBOX-2945] - PDType1Font.getNameInFont(String) very slow when Unicode
fallback is used
[PDFBOX-2962] - Handle TIFF predictor for bpc 2 and 4 / optimize existing
predictor code
[PDFBOX-2973] - Actions shortage
[PDFBOX-2978] - Add support for grouped checkboxes
[PDFBOX-2997] - Make FontMapper into a singleton interface


[PDFBOX-52] - DCTFilter is not implemented yet
[PDFBOX-149] - Update encryption algorithms
[PDFBOX-151] - Correct calculation of Type0Font size.
[PDFBOX-615] - shfill operator needs implementation
[PDFBOX-830] - Setting of logical page numbers
[PDFBOX-922] - True type PDFont subclass only supports WinAnsiEncoding (hardcoded!)
[PDFBOX-953] - PDFBox fails to ExtractText from Adobe Acrobat X 256-bit AES
encrypted documents
[PDFBOX-1054] - DateConverter: allow for external adding of potential date
parsing formats
[PDFBOX-1209] - Add insertSiblingBefore() to PDOutlineItem
[PDFBOX-1223] - Strange color issues with convertToImage method
[PDFBOX-1462] - Use file backed buffer for FlateFilter?
[PDFBOX-1494] - PDF box color distortion
[PDFBOX-1589] - Switch to java 1.6 as minimum requirement for PDFBox
[PDFBOX-1766] - [PATCH] Visible Signature using PDFbox
[PDFBOX-2211] - Create sample code for creating a PDF with shading
[PDFBOX-2276] - Remove Jempbox subproject
[PDFBOX-2400] - Add insertPage() method
[PDFBOX-2624] - "CIDSet entry is missing for the Composite Subset" when creating
PDF/A-1b file with PDType0Font.load()
[PDFBOX-2673] - Add output path prefix param in PDFSplit/Splitter
[PDFBOX-2752] - Support TTC font files
[PDFBOX-2766] - Missing PDDocument.load() overload
[PDFBOX-2821] - Add PDDocument(boolean) constructor for creating new documents
using scratch files


[PDFBOX-1600] - COSDocument and PDDocument declare throws IOException when they
[PDFBOX-1675] - Preflight : improve error information
[PDFBOX-1685] - Verify interpretation of rdf:about for PDF/A
[PDFBOX-1975] - Improve TestImageIOUtils unit tests to check image resolution
and compression
[PDFBOX-2197] - Add sample how to import a page as PDFormXObject
[PDFBOX-2480] - Add information about Snapshots to download section
[PDFBOX-2576] - Improve code quality
[PDFBOX-2610] - Expand Isartor test for Bavaria test suite and other tests
[PDFBOX-2674] - Remove two unused methods from COSStream
[PDFBOX-2712] - Remove commented out lines of code
[PDFBOX-2762] - remove parseCOSStream() call from PDFStreamParser
[PDFBOX-2768] - Remove VisualSignatureParser
[PDFBOX-3011] - Find out why trunk CreateVisibleSignature example produces
incorrect output pdf
[PDFBOX-3020] - Set libraries to current versions


[PDFBOX-1584] - Add unit test for RandomAccessFileOutputStream
[PDFBOX-1673] - Tests with selection of files from Adobe Acrobat Engineering website
[PDFBOX-2369] - how to convert pdf to image


[PDFBOX-1187] - Cut dependency between pdfbox and jempbox
[PDFBOX-1224] - Angle units are not consistent
[PDFBOX-1450] - document how to encrypt with AES 256 with the release of 2.0
[PDFBOX-1540] - Add XML output option to preflight
[PDFBOX-1590] - Unify logging between preflight and other modules
[PDFBOX-1769] - Fix crash on invalid xref
[PDFBOX-1946] - Running within an Applet has many AccessControlException 's
[PDFBOX-2011] - Please extend base class "Encoding" with 2 methods to access
global name2char and char2name maps
[PDFBOX-2012] - Extend CMAPEncodingEntry API
[PDFBOX-2013] - Please extend PDTrueTypeFont API
[PDFBOX-2190] - Disable console logging for preflight Isartor tests
[PDFBOX-2209] - [PATCH] Restore shading API
[PDFBOX-2692] - Possibility to use our own and/or overwrite PageDrawer class
[PDFBOX-2738] - Make org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.PDDocument#getFontsToSubset public
[PDFBOX-2770] - Provide the sources along with SNAPSHOT releases