Java搜索引擎,Nutch v1.6 发布

jopen 11年前

Nutch 致力于让每个人能很容易, 同时花费很少就可以配置世界一流的Web搜索引擎. 为了完成这一宏伟的目标, Nutch必须能够做到:
Java搜索引擎,Nutch v1.6 发布

2012年12月6号 - Apache Nutch v1.6 发布

The Apache Nutch PMC are extremely pleased to announce the release of Apache Nutch v1.6. This release includes over 20 bug fixes, the same in improvements, as well as new functionalities including a new HostNormalizer, the ability to dynamically set fetchInterval by MIME-type and functional enhancements to the Indexer API inluding the normalization of URL's and the deletion of robots noIndex documents. Other notable improvements include the upgrade of key dependencies to Tika 1.2 and Automaton 1.11-8. Please see the list of changes or the release report made in this version for a full breakdown. The release is available here.